Top 10 Android Mobile App

The Google Play Store has almost Three Million Apps (Yes! You read that correctly). These are indeed a lot of apps. Just running the numbers can be easy to estimate that most of them don’t worth your time, so how do you cut the waste to find the apps that you need? You no longer need to be worried about as we have got you covered. We’ve compiled a list of Android Mobile Applications that are essential for all Android users – very much like last year. These apps are ranging from Media apps to tools.

Whatever section of the Play Store these apps came from, all are sharing one thing, at least – these deserve to be in your app drawer.

1: Photo Watermark (Free)

Watermark Photo is our first and foremost Android Mobile Application that does exactly what the name indicates. It allows you to add photos with watermarks – but you can add quite different types of watermarks. It allows you to use your own signature or any other text written by hand as a watermark. Not only this but also a watermark by entering your signature in the screen.

Watermark Photo is free-of-cost, but on advertising, it is pretty heavy. You can get rid of them after spending around 0.99/€0.89 per month. But it’s probably not worth it if you add watermarks to a ton of images.

2: Bouncer (Price $0.99)

The bouncer is indeed one of the best Android Mobile Applications you should get it downloaded. It’s a unique premise safety app that allows you to grant permission to the applications. For example, you can allow Facebook to access your location to check-in and the Bouncer will deactivate the authorization after you leave Facebook.

The bouncer is an excellent way to use features of social media apps i.e. Facebook, WhatsApp and others to disable the permission. Or to give them permanent access to all of your details without digging into setting over and over again. The app is running at $0.99 and most apps are supposed to work on. It’s rumored this might be a feature for Android Q. If so, then this app even likes Google.

3: LastPass Password Manager (Free)

LastPass is one of those Mobile Applications that are essential. This is a password administrator that allows you to safely and securely save your login credentials. In addition, it can help you generate almost impossible passwords for your account to use. Everything has a master password. It has cross-platform support for computers, mobile devices, tablets or anything else that you can use. But LastPass always feels like a step ahead. The premium version is also inexpensive.

You can also pick up LastPass Authenticator to add security. Other great options, such as 1Password, Dashlane, KeepassDroid, and others are just as good. But LastPass (usually), especially with its additional authenticator application, feels a bit more friendly and secure.

4: Nova Launcher (Free)

It’s been a long time since Nova Launcher is the best Android Mobile Application in the Play Store. The launcher is silky and smooth, fast and lightweight and is equipped with a plethora of customization. In addition, the Google Play Store offers numerous icon packs to change its appearance.

Nova Launcher supports the customization of the app-drawer, has a scrollable dock, notification signs, folder, an icon configuration, and has about a dozen simple navigation gestures. Furthermore, it’s absolutely free and can be downloaded without paying even a penny, but its premium version offers many other features, including certain locked gestures.

5: Pocket Casts (Price $3.99)

Those who like podcasts probably go for the easiest way to use the podcast Android Mobile Application. Pocket Casts is the right option, though. You can download or stream different podcasts for your enjoyment using this crazy stable and look good app. It provides support for both audio and video podcasting, so you can get up to almost anything.

Light and dark theme also exists (Yahoo!), a sign in a feature that allows you to sync your podcasts on devices and a quite good recommendation function. This is the last podcast app and is one of the best Android apps to download.

6: Google Duo (Free)

It’s one of the best Mobile Applications that enables you to make video calls to your nearest and dearest with an easy-to-understand interface. Logging in and checking your number is quite easy and you can quickly make video calls as well as make a standard phone call.

Its unique “Knock Knock” function allows you to see the caller live prior to the call. You can also leave the other person’s video messages if he/she is currently unavailable. Google Duo is one of the most popular Android apps which is also available on the Apple App Store.

7: WPS Office + PDF (Free)

WPS is a free all-in-one Office Mobile Application. The application also features a free PDF conversion, reader, editor, alongside file-sharing capabilities, multi-window modifiers, data enrichment and so on.

It is fully compatible with Microsoft Word, Excel, PowerPoint and integrates PDF, presentations and Tables, memo, Google Doctors, etc. You can also connect with a Cloud Drive in order to save your documents on the cloud platform, as it is intuitive, easy to use. Overall, it’s one of Android’s best office applications.

8: Xender (Free)

Xender is the most important Mobile Application that should be downloaded into your Android smartphone. It saves you from the difficulty in carrying your USB data cable, as no PC side software is required for transmitting or receiving files to exchange files with a PC.

Moreover, the transfer of files from any device is a hundred times faster than Bluetooth, thanks to the cross-platform approach. SHAREit is also a very useful application in file sharing among smartphones.

9: PicsArt (Free)

PicsArt is also the most appealing and most popular Photo Editing Mobile Application, with over 100 million downloads. The many options that you can customize your photos will overwhelm you.

There’s a social network in the app to share images. Its features include Collage, Photo Drawing, Frames, Stickers, Free Cropping, Cloning Tool, Tilt Shift and much more. One can download it after paying $0 (free obviously) with some in-app purchases and display ads.

10: Solid Explorer (Free Trial/$1.99)

File browsing is something everybody needs (or wants) to do, so you can do so with a fantastic browser that works fine. Solid Explorer is just as good a Mobile Application as it is in the field of file explorer applications. It offers Material Design, archiving support, the most popular cloud services support, and even more, powerful user supports, including FTP, SFPT, WebDAV and SMB/CIFS. It’s impressive and looks gorgeous, unbelievably stable, and it works smoothly without any issue. At the end of the trial, there’s a $1.99 whereas free trial works only for 14 days. For most people, this is by far the best Android file manager.