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The world is going digital at a rather fast pace and you know what digitalization implies AI. From businesses to entertainment to trends, everything you have a look at is progressing at a lightning speed. Digitalization has given birth to...
Using the right tech tools is essential for conducting successful business. As companies continue to create digital components for operations and objectives, there are several tools on the market designed to make these tasks easier to complete. To make...
The agile development strategy has created a revolution in the way the projects were earlier managed. The traditional project management methods like Waterfall are lagging from the agile development strategy and thus not gaining encouraging feedback from the companies. Software...
So many tech software and apps are introduced every single day. It is challenging for a user who doesn’t have much knowledge about technology to decide which software to keep and which to let go. You might be using...
Video content marketing is a technique through which a brand produces video content. The video can be posted on social platforms. Brands are increasingly becoming aware of the advantage of using video marketing. If it is implemented well, it...
These days, mobile IoT technologies are refining, and there has been a steady improvement even in the utilization of IoT systems. The number of IoT devices will surpass 75 billion by the year 2025, which justifies the increase in...
Using the BitLocker program to encrypt a drive is a smart move to protect the data that exists on it. The BitLocker program is software offering from Microsoft technology and it is readily available on all Microsoft devices and...
It won’t be wrong to say that people these days crave crisp picture quality. The emergence of 4K technology has made it possible. But there is one little problem. Many cable TV providers do not yet offer 4K channels....
Mac computers are not the bastions of cybersecurity they once were (or that Apple marketed them as). In fact, dedicated macOS threats are on the rise. Some research even shows that these are growing faster than PC threats. In...
In this day and age, technology is the talk of the town. If you have a tech-loving friend or family member, they deserve different gifts than generic cards. Today, the latest gadgets are the most thoughtful gift one can...





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