Do you know what impresses traders the most about an online trading platform? An interactive main page. This is what caught my attention while I was exploring the web-based server of RichmondSuper. The way you line up the service options says a lot about your organization. Stock market investment has never been this easy. Personally, I found the dynamic pop-ups really helpful. They helped me navigate my way through the platform.

Impressive layout

There is an integrated stock report bar that scrolls through the main page. I was able to review the stock holdings of several assets through this bar. I believe the platform worked hard in integrating several interactive features on its server. There is an opening video introducing the online world of the stock exchange. It is another one of those things that makes the platform appealing.

I had come across an ad for this trading platform. I was already looking for a better online trading network to help me invest. Many traders today opt for online trading platforms to make their stock investments. I had come across various reviews attesting to the exceptional features of this platform.  RichmondSuper is everything you have been looking for when it comes to a reliable, efficient trading platform.

Innovation in technological advancement

I love the overall design of the website. It is interactive and simplistic. There is no clutter. You will find every information neatly arranged. This makes navigating through it very easy. I have been really awestruck with the advanced graphics. They make sure that traders get the right account of every option.


The main goal of this trading platform is to assist traders with the right tools. You may not realize how beneficial these tools are until you try them out for yourself. I was so impressed with the array of investment opportunities that this trading platform opened for me. It makes sure that you get the best deals. The fact that it reassures its customers makes it indeed a dependable platform.

Another thing that made me choose this platform was its advanced features. This definitely enhances the service experience. In the trading world, this is greatly needed. We have come a long way from the time when we needed to go to an actual stock exchange to invest in securities.

Today you can trade sitting at home. All you need is an internet connection and a device to get started. Various platforms are working their way up on the plain field. My experience with most of them has been satisfactory.

RichmondSuper has managed to take it a step forward with its premium service features. You will get the feel of the impressive technology at hand. It has not only expanded its investment opportunities for its clients but has also integrated alternatives such as cryptocurrency exchange.

The fact that RichmondSuper has opened its horizons to the latest changes in the market says a lot about its mainstream reputation. It knows that it would be able to market a lot better by moving with the times. Personally, the option for Bitcoin and Ethereum really helps me trade. I was able to fulfill most of my trade requirements.

You see when you are accustomed to certain features, you require them as a force of medium at any place. Trade alternatives may vary for different traders. It doesn’t matter whether you are dealing with Crypto or Indices, this forex trading platform has you covered for it all.

Takes you a step further

For most traders looking to change the game, earning average stock market returns is never enough. The same was the case with me. I was struggling to make more profits. I needed a change in strategy, a way to get better deals. This is why I decided to change my trading platform. I definitely found this to be an upgrade.


No matter how many online platforms you explore, you will notice that their features are pretty mundane. It is highly unlikely to come across one that stands out. From the get-go, I knew this one was different. The top-performing stocks it offers its clients helps them grow their net worth. I have experienced this first hand. The long-term benefits associated with this platform really are well worth their reputation.

Taking inspiration from the best investors in the game, this broker has managed to optimize its service operations. I found the trading experience on this platform like no other. There was a certain thrill that was warranted after each session.

The progress I made as a trader made me rely more on this platform. It not only gave me enough leverage to explore the market but also managed to pull the reigns at the right time to save me from losses. This is exactly what I was looking for in a trading platform.

This broker supports you through your growth. Whether you are just starting out or are looking to change the game, it will guide you through your journey as an investor in stocks. A sound investment goes a long way. This is why you need to have access to the best deals. The market is very fast-paced.

It is too easy to miss out on good deals. You may not always have the best account. At least this is what I believed in before I found out about RichmondSuper. But with this broker, I was able to assure my place as a valued investor in the trading world.

Optimized features

Coming to the standardized trade services offered by this broker, let me give you a brief overview of the main trading page. The central aspect of this page has to be the trade charts. These trade charts are what I overview foremost in any trading platform. While the details on these charts were impressive, I did notice that the charts were not always activated.


I would have preferred if they kept previous trade reports outside of trading hours. While this might be a service bug, I found myself at an inconvenience every time I was trading at odd hours. The need for refreshing the page every time can be a little frustrating. If the platform were to auto-refresh its trade charts, it would definitely help a whole lot more.

If you end up confused over any matter, you will notice that there is an option for support on the left side of the page. This has been very helpful to me. Not only was I able to continue my session but it also helped me solve my problem.

Once your session starts, you can customize the trade chart to suit your requirements. I know I would always set the graph to the line type. I found it to be a lot clearer with respect to trade data analysis. It helped me prepare trade reports quickly by providing comprehensive data.

This broker allows you to trade with alternatives such as Indices, Commodities, Crypto, Stocks, and Forex. I found the options for categorization of assets as Trending, Daily Change %, and Name really smart. It makes your trade session a whole lot efficient. This is not the only time the broker has categorized options to make it easier for its clients.

I found this to be a really amenable feature. This is extremely helpful for beginner traders. While you will notice that the service features offered by this platform range in complexity based on each account, each one has been integrated with the right guidelines to help traders proceed accordingly.

Building a loyal clientele

I have been associated with this firm for a little over three years now. The fact this brokerage firm has managed to increase my profit estimates a lot has motivated me to stick by it. I know I am not the only one whose impressive resume stands tall. This broker is truly customer-oriented. I don’t think there is a single query of mine that they have brushed off. They make sure that each and every one of their customers is satisfied with their services. They are always bringing in new deals. You always feel like you are making headway with them.

I may be an independent client, but this platform caters to retail and institutional clients as well. The power that this trading firm exudes stems from its expert team. They are well-equipped to take on any type of client. I was really impressed with the way they deal with their customers. I realize that It says a lot about their organization.

Reliability is another reason why clients swear by this platform. If you ask me, I for one did not expect myself to be so comfortable with this trading platform in such a short time. I believe their transparency when it comes to their policies really persuaded me to entrust them.

Also, I would say that is indeed an exceptional way to build the best trading environment. I know I can rely on them to reduce the risks during trading. Their services are optimized with the best security protocols.

Create an account today to find out

If you want to explore this platform for yourself, you can do it easily. All you need to do is create an account to trade using this platform. You have the option for 5 packages. You can choose either one. Each one has its very own features. I personally as a newbie opted for the Trial package. Like its name, it is well suited for a trial run.

With a minimum balance of $250 and over 200 tradable assets, I got a sound idea of the broker’s services. I then upgraded my account type according to my expertise level. I know how helpful it was to get an idea of how this platform works using the trial package. Once I was satisfied, I upgraded to higher accounts.