paramount network on Fios

You would definitely get frustrated, especially when you don’t have movies and shows to watch on your weekend. Well, you may feel lucky if you have FiOS services in your region, as you’ll be able to get access to the widest variety of entertainment right on your TV screen alongside Paramount Network on FiOS.

Alongside Paramount Network, you can enjoy watching other channels such as Starz on FiOS, ESPN as well as NFL Network on FiOS. A highly admirable Cable TV provider comprises everything you need and much more in its bucket to keep your binge-watching sessions going.

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Moreover, FiOS provides its audience with a plethora of entertainment alternatives, whether you are a mad TV series fan who appreciates watching famous TV entertainment or someone who enjoys sports activities.

How to Find the Paramount Network on FiOS?

In this guide, we’ll be looking at which channel is Paramount Network on FiOS in different cities in the United States. Also, we’ll be listing a quick overview of the Paramount Network and some of the best shows you can watch on it. Let’s have a look at which channel is Paramount Network on FiOS below.

Channel Name Metro Area, Washington DC Indianapolis, Indiana Orlando, Florida
Paramount 54 54 54
Paramount HD 554 554 554

Paramount – Quick Overview

Paramount is a basic cable television network in the United States that is owned by Paramount Media Networks. The Nashville Network, The National Network, and Spike TV are just a few of the names it’s gone by. It’s now rebranded as Paramount Network. The best thing about Paramount is that it airs shows throughout the globe.

Similar to Showtime on FiOS and many other available channels, the Paramount Network is quite popular among viewers since it broadcasts some of the most anticipated episodes and shows from a variety of genres.

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With Paramount Network on FiOS, there is everything for users of all types, whether it’s comedies like The Brady Bunch that make you laugh the hardest, thrillers like Mayor of Kingstown, or the most exciting reality series that keep grabbing your attention.

How to Get Paramount Network on FiOS?

FiOS provides a variety of cable TV packages, each with its own set of features as well as channels. With all of the company’s plans, you don’t receive all of the channels. You’ll need to make a list of your mandatory channels in order to purchase a package that includes them.

You can buy a subscription with a basic channel list if you just watch basic channels. However, if you want a plan that includes all of the local and premium channels, you’ll need then to choose a package with a top-notch channel selection. The nice aspect is that FiOS is able to provide both. All you have to do now is find out what you need.

Favorite Shows to Watch on Paramount Network

Similar to HBO on Frontier, Paramount Network brings a versatile range of attention-grabbing shows to watch on FiOS, such as:

  • Yellowstone
  • 68 Whiskey
  • Rest in Power (The Trayvon Martin Story)
  • Auction Hunters
  • Cops

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Is the Paramount Network free?

You can watch the complete episodes and clips for free online at their official website “” or download the Paramount Network App on multiple devices such as Roku, Android, Apple, and Amazon.

Is Paramount and Paramount Plus the same?

Much like Paramount, you can find an endless number of movies, TV shows, and much more on the Paramount Plus channel. All the latest and original movies are also available on this channel to watch with ease.