paramount network on Fios

If you are the kind of person who enjoys TV, then Paramount Network on FiOS has much to offer. It is the TV namesake of the production powerhouse, Paramount Pictures. That alone makes it is one of the special channels out there. So much so that channels like Showtime are finding it hard to compete.

The channel runs interesting shows throughout the day. There isn’t a single show on their roster that doesn’t enjoy a cult following. From acquired programming like Friends, a longtime favorite the world over. To original series like Lip Sync Battle, which even dedicated channels like Starz don’t have.

Why is it Available on Different Channels?

Since Paramount is a cable TV channel and not satellite, the channel number can be different. Like with CNBC, the pre-set channel lists are decided by the cable provider. If you want to search for the number of the channel, you can search for ‘Paramount Network on FiOS in…’ with the name of your city or state at the end.

If you subscribe to Frontier TV packages in Florida, Indiana, or Washington DC, use this table below to find out which channel is broadcasting Paramount.

Where Can I Find Paramount Network on FiOS?

Though the channel numbers can be different, that does not affect the programming schedule. Your favorite shows, like Marriage Rescue, will still air at their scheduled times.

Channel Name Metro Area, Washington DC Indianapolis, Indiana Orlando, Florida
Paramount 54 54 54
Paramount HD 554 554 554

If you are located in a different state from the ones above, here’s how you find the channel number. Search the FiOS channel lineup by adding your state in the search, as you would for other channels like Epix. Type in “What channel is Paramount Network on FiOS in Georgia” and it will show you the correct number.

Back When It all Started

The network began life as The Nashville Network (TNN), in 1983. Back then it was a channel targeted towards the southern culture in the US. Unlike most channels at the time, it aired country music, motorsports, and variety shows.

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The southern-influenced programming continued until 1999. Though it was more popular than the BBC, in some states, Viacom, decided it was time for a change. The channel underwent a serious revamp that included new off-network programming including sports. The revamp also changed the name to The National Network, keeping the original initials. The idea was to attract a wider audience.

In 2003 TNN went another revamp and changed its name to Spike TV. Spike TV changed the programming line-up again to target a younger audience. The channel focused more on the action genre, until 2010 when it changed its line-up yet again.

This time Spike TV changed programming direction towards reality shows like HGTV. There was a growing demand at the time, and Spike took the opportunity to widen its viewership.

Finally, in 2018 Spike TV launched as the Paramount Network that we know and love today. It has since relocated its offices to Paramount Pictures studio in Los Angeles, California.

Which Shows are the Most Popular?

You will find that Paramount offers the best program lineups available today. Frontier TV packages, makes it easy for you to enjoy your favorite reality series. The network is home to entertainment like Ink Master. Additionally, you can enjoy watching some other favorites including:

  1. Cops

If you like reality shows, things can’t get much interesting than Cops. The popular reality show has been running strong for 32 seasons. It is one of the longest-running television series in the US today. The show provides more than just entertainment value. It gives insight into the dangers that the police force undertakes each day. One thing is for certain, you are unlikely to find anything like this on HBO.

  1. Yellowstone

Yellowstone is one of the few original series. The TV drama enjoys a cult following since its premiere in 2018. If you are a fan of Kevin Costner’s work, you wouldn’t want to miss it. If you like true American drama series, like Yellowstone, but can’t find the time to watch, you can use your Frontier online deals to watch at your own pace.

  1. Wife Swap

Wife Swap has to be one of the most interesting shows. The reality series puts together two families and switches the mother/wife between the households. Women have to manage new homes and families for 2 weeks.

  1. Bellator MMA

For contact sports enthusiasts, Bellator MMA is one of the best mixed martial arts promotion. Watching the events on the Paramount Network on FiOS is the best way to spend your Sunday afternoons with friends.

Paramount has a lot of shows you can choose from. If you don’t have the time to watch the shows at their scheduled time, that’s ok. Using your Frontier internet packages, you can make sure you don’t miss any episodes.