Android spying has become much popular with the increase in Android phone users. As more and more people are using the same operating system, the need for monitoring the respective devices increases exponentially.

Let’s review one of the best Android spying solution TheWiSpy and explore its functionality.

TheWiSpy – What It Is?

TheWiSpy is a mobile application that helps you spy on Android devices. This spyware offers ultimate Android spying features to ensure advanced mobile monitoring.  From phone call recording to location tracking, TheWiSpy does it all. The thing that makes this app a leading Android spy solution that it allows you to access your target device remotely with the help of an online control panel. You can also hide the app icon from your target device to ensure secret Android spying. TheWiSpy has an increasing number of clients around the globe; among which the majority of people include parents and employers. TheWiSpy monitor mobile phones of your teens and employees to ensure that your kids or businesses are not at any risk.

So, that was a little introduction about the spyware. Now, allow us to reveal how TheWiSpy functions and how it will help you spy on Android phones secretly.

How TheWiSpy Functions?

TheWiSpy Android spy app, once installed, interacts with the existing apps and records all the available data. Then, TheWiSpy uploads every recorded information to your web-based dashboard, which you can access by logging in to your account. You need to purchase TheWiSpy subscription license to get started with it.

Top Solutions & Features of TheWiSpy:

Let’s come to the main point.

What can you do with TheWiSpy?

Well, TheWiSpy enables you to;

  • Spy on Android Phones
  • Monitor Your Teen’s Tablets & Phones
  • Keep Track of Employee Performance
  • Track Android Devices
  • Manage & Control Kid’s Android Devices

TheWiSpy offers ultimate features to spy on Android phones and tablets. You can access your target device and monitor its every activity online.

Here is what you can do with TheWiSpy Android monitoring:

  • Call Recordings:

TheWiSpy call recordings help you secretly listen to all the inbound and outbound calls of your target device.

  • Surround Recordings:

You can activate the mic of your child’s or employee’s device and listen to the surround conversations and noises with TheWiSpy surround recording.

  • Read Text Messages:

TheWiSpy lets you spy on SMS messages. You can read received and sent text messages anytime you want.

  • Spy on Instant Messengers such as WhatsApp, Viber, etc.

This advanced SMS tracker enables you to spy on instant messengers; including WhatsApp, Skype, Viber, Line, etc. You can read messages, view attached files, and monitor multi-media through your web-based dashboard.

  • GPS Tracking:

TheWiSpy GPS tracking helps you locate your target device remotely. You can track the active pinpoints and location history secretly and keep tabs on the whereabouts of your loved ones.

  • Geofencing:

You can create boundaries around safe and unsafe zones with TheWiSpy geofencing. Geofencing alerts keep you updated whether your target device is in protected or unprotected zone.

  • Monitor Browsing History:

By spying on browsing history, you can reveal what type of content engages your child or employee. TheWiSpy helps you find out if your teens are not accessing improper sites.

  • Spy on Saved Contacts:

Monitoring saved contacts enables you to keep tabs on the social circle of the target device user. You can view all the saved contacts, anytime anywhere.

  • View Call Logs:

Call logs history helps you monitor the incoming and outgoing calls concerning duration, timestamps, date, etc. you can view received, dialled, and missed calls without any suspicion.

  • Track Emails:

Email tracking helps you monitor sent and received emails of your target device. TheWiSpy allows you to spy on email messages, attached files, and multimedia, etc. discreetly and remotely.

  • View WI-Fi Logs:

TheWiSpy Wi-Fi history monitoring allows people to find connected networks of their kid’s or employee’s device. It helps to find the possible location of kids or employees by observing the connected Wi-Fi networks.

  • Monitor and Manage Apps:

Parents can take advantage of this feature and control the screen usage of their kids. TheWiSpy enables parents to monitor and manage apps of the target device and gives full access to block inappropriate mobile applications and webs.

  • Access Multimedia

By giving access to all the saved multimedia files, TheWiSpy enables you to monitor photos, videos, audios, etc. of your target device.

Pros & Cons of TheWiSpy:

Well, let’s discuss the advantages and disadvantages of TheWiSpy Android monitor.


  • Leading Android Spy App
  • Compatible with a variety of Android OS
  • Provides remote access to the target device
  • You can hide the app icon
  • Secure to use
  • Offers affordable subscription packages
  • Easy to install and use
  • Strong customer support


  • Keylogger, Password chaser, and Screenshot capturing features are still in the developmental process.

Pricing Packages:

TheWiSpy offers affordable pricing packages to ensure convenient Android spying.

Let’s take a look on the pricing:

  •      TheWiSpy Starter Pricing Plan:

15-days licence = $9.99

  •      TheWiSpy Basic Pricing Plan:

1-month subscription license  = $19.99/month

3-months subscription license = $49.99 per subscription ($16.66/month)

6-months subscription license = $79.99 per subscription ($15.00/ month)

  •      TheWiSpy Premium Pricing Plan:

1-month subscription license = $29.99/month

3-months subscription license = $59.99 per subscription

6-months subscription license = $89.99 per subscription

  •      TheWiSpy Ultimate Pricing Plan:

1-month subscription license = $49.99/month

3-months subscription license = $79.99 per subscription ($26.66/month)

6-months subscription license = $119.99 per subscription ($19.99/month)

Do You Want It?

TheWiSpy, being the best Android monitor, is the choice of countless people around the world.

The highly functional features, user-friendliness, and other qualities of this mobile spy app make it unique from the rest options. So, if you want an affordable mobile surveillance app, TheWiSpy would be a great option.