Powder Coating

Where there is manufacturing and industrial finishing, powder coating is taking over. It comes along with durable finishes and consistently even coats. So if you want to get into the powder coating business, you must know the necessary tools and equipment. Read on below as we start with the powder-coating gun.

Powder Coating Gun

This powder dispenser mimics the trigger and somewhat the structure of a real gun. However, it specialized in a way that electrostatically imparts the powder with a normally positive charge. It then dispenses the powder to the surface that needs to be coated. In this field, you can use manual and automatic powder-coating guns.

Powder Spraying Booth

The powder spraying booth is the like the enclosure in which the powder coating processes occur. It’s designed to confine excess powder and is purported to help collect and recycle. It normally would be fitted with a ventilation system and filters. As a result, it ensures workers’ safety and removes overspray.

Powder Coating Oven

The oven may also be termed the curing chamber. So normally, after applying the powder on the surface, the item is taken into the oven. Here it gets heat so that powder melts and spreads onto the surface.

The Pretreatment Coating Tool

Optimal adhesion and rust resistance are only achievable if you do surface preparation. The pretreatment tool may comprise a sandblaster or a chemical cleaning trough. These tools aim to clean the surface before beginning the powder coating process. As a result, it removes rust and contaminants.

Powder Recovery Unit

Of course, there is going to be an overspray. And that’s why the powder recovery system is a must-have in your powder coating arsenal. It recycles overspray powders. The unit generally has a booth filter, a cyclones portioner, and a recovery unit.

Powder Filters

You need that consistent coating. But that can only be guaranteed with a sieve that removes clumps and other contaminants. The powder coating equipment typically includes a powder sieve or screening system. They all work together to give that smooth finish and prevent clogs in the powder coating gun.

Grounding Unit

Adequate grounding guarantees an efficient electrostatic charging process and adhesion creation with the powder particle. The grounding unit normally has copper rods and cables, which create a conductive path.

Their work is to neutralize the electrostatic charge to enable the consistent spreading of the coat. It also brings about efficiency and effectiveness throughout the coating process.

Wrap Up

So that’s it. Now you know about the key equipment in the powder coating process. It helps to understand that each component works harmoniously with the rest of the equipment to give out consistent, durable, quality coats.

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