Bridal Photoshoot

Couples preparing for a bridal portrait session may have many questions for their wedding photographers beforehand. Bridal sessions are special, but they will likely be the first time you wear your complete wedding outfit, including any makeup. To help things go smoothly, here are tips on what you need to bring:

What to Bring

Plan your wedding wardrobe before your bridal session. Create a checklist for all the items you need. You may be tempted to keep the list in your head because it seems straightforward, but you risk forgetting one or two things. Write it down and check as you pack lest you forget an essential item!

Some items you may need:

  • Wedding dress or suit (and any special undergarments)
  • Wedding shoes
  • Engagement ring
  • Veil
  • Accessories
  • Belt or sash
  • Jewelry
  • Lipstick for touch-ups
  • Any details you would like photographed before the big day

A white sheet and several towels could be helpful in case the ground is wet or dusty. You should avoid getting mud or dust on your clothing and shoes! If it is likely to rain in your area, you could also bring a white shower curtain as a waterproof barrier between the clothes and the ground. Have several bottles of water for your bridal photoshoot during warmer months.

The bridal bouquet is a beautiful complement to your bridal session. Many florists may offer to add on a scaled-down version of your wedding day bouquet for your bridal shoot. Remember to inquire if this is possible as you discuss your bouquet with your florist. The bouquet incorporates your wedding colors into your bridal photographs.

Who to Bring

Bridal photoshoot is always enjoyable when you do them with a loved one. Bring along at least one of the following people to assist with dressing and moving around:

  • Mother
  • Sister
  • Maid of honor

Having your mother assist you with dress fluffing or veil tossing can make the experience even more meaningful for you as a bride. Bring only a few helpers; two are enough. Inviting your entire bridal party could be overwhelming.

Other Things to Consider

With your checklist complete, you may wonder what else you should do to nail your wedding photos on the big day. Consider the following to help you in getting memorable shots:

Engagement Photos

Book an engagement shoot as a warm-up for the main event! It helps you gain more confidence in front of the camera as you learn your photographer. This is a bonus to the lovely photos you get of you and your partner to post on your wedding website.


Pick a photoshoot venue that best resonates with your style and personality. You’ve got many choices from indoor to outdoor spots. Make sure you check in advance and know the pricing because you may need to pay for most of these locations.


If the weather is good and all other factors favorable, you can schedule your bridal Photoshoot sessions well before sunset. You’ll get the best natural light and a lovely golden hue at this time.


Find a wedding photographer you are comfortable with. You’ll need to be free to express yourself during the session for the best photos. You’ll appear more natural on camera when you’re at ease. Have an interview with your photographer to gauge your comfort level with their personality and style.

What Next After the Bridal Shoot

During the bridal session, take note of any adjustments that must be made on the wedding day. Give your dress a thorough inspection before putting it away. Remove any grass or other fragments clinging to the hem to prevent stains on the garment.

Do any necessary wrinkle-removing steaming before the wedding week. You don’t want to wait until the last minute. You can also change your hairstyle, makeup, and jewelry if you need to. Some brides change their hairstyle and makeup after the bridal photos for fun.

It is your bridal session, so you can approach it in whichever way suits your style and preferences.

How to Get the Best Wedding Photographers

Choosing a wedding photographer whose artistic approach, style, and personality you enjoy is necessary for receiving the wedding photos of your dreams. Invest time and effort when doing your research. Narrow your options based on ratings, reviews, price, and availability to find the right wedding photographers for your big day!