Mass Spectrometry Benches

Laboratory equipment contains key features that help make lab operations seamless. The MS bench is among the most useful system within a lab, sporting custom features like noise reduction pump enclosures. This results in more transportable and quieter mass spectrometry benches. It is possible to merge all tools within a single bench to help improve the research process. Here are a few frequently asked questions about using a mass spectrometry bench:

How Does the Mass Spectrometry Bench Increase Lab Space?

Lab space can be hard to find and may be more expensive for many bio-med organizations. If they can’t find enough space, small organizations need to reorganize. Cramped lab spaces can pose a safety hazard. Mass spectrometry benches help reclaim your valuable lab space by consolidating equipment within the same system. Some ancillary equipment you can find on mass spec benches include:

  • Auto-sampling systems
  • Waste storage systems
  • Vacuum pumps
  • Gas generators
  • HPLC systems
  • Computers

To maximize efficiency, put each piece of equipment on the mass spec bench in a precise area. Having the mass spectrometer within close proximity may help ease lab operations and provide you with easy access when you plan on moving the system or repairing it.

Does the Bench Help With Cable Management?

Cables lying around the lab can be a major safety concern. You risk tripping, falling, spilling, and electrical shock with unmanaged cables. Tangled wiring can offer an unpleasant look and sometimes short the lab equipment if not well managed. Mass spectrometry benches help solve such problems by helping with cable management.

Having an open-back design on your bench enclosure is key for cable management on lab benches. This helps manage cables to address any safety concerns while offering adequate access to the cable organization. Accessible cables make connecting and disconnecting equipment on the bench easy. Proper cable management may also increase your bench’s mobility for optimal space usage.

How Does It Help With Noise Control?

High noise levels in labs can be distracting. You want to keep it as silent as possible. While lab pumps are a must-have in labs, they can produce louder noises. Mass spectrometry benches come with noise control features to help reduce pump noise during use. This may help lab experts focus better during research.

Some key features that manufacturers integrate into mass spectrometry benches to reduce pump noise include:

  • Dense wood core casing
  • Sound suppression foam panels
  • Anti-shock or anti-vibration mounts
  • Heat exhaust fans that channel pump heat and noise to a central exhaust system

Having noise control features on your mass spectrometry bench may help avoid noise in the lab. You can get the noise suppression enclosures integrated into the lab benches or freestanding, depending on your preference. The enclosures are built to accept a variety of pump brand options for excellent results.

Is the Bench Customizable?

Different industries serve varying purposes, so you need a bench to support all operations. Basic mass spectrometry benches can contain standard features like a metal frame or simple functions like mobility. You can customize the bench if you want it to match specific lab needs.

Many manufacturers design lab benches to accommodate specific requirements, both aesthetic and functional. Customization allows you to build a lab and furnish it with the highest quality equipment. Features like cable management may help improve accessibility and safety around the office. You also get mobility to help hold the bench in place as you reconfigure your space or service equipment.

What Materials Are the Benches Made Of?

While manufacturers can use a wide range of materials to create these benches, durable materials are the most recommended. Many benches often come in welded steel frames that can help hold a higher weight capacity. The bench often comes with a powder coat finish to make the frame rust-resistant.

Bench manufacturers also make work surfaces spill-resistant to avoid damage from chemical spills in the lab. Top-quality materials used when constructing these benches help to support all lab operations.

Invest in an MS Bench

Lab operations are pivotal to the success of many biotech and bio-med organizations. You need the right equipment to support your research projects, so get a mass spectrometry bench. Investing in a customized MS bench may help you reclaim more lab space, improve cable management, and help with noise control.