Green Tower Investments Review

Every trader knows the importance of an optimized procedure for trading in the open market. I have been trading freely using conventional methods for a while and have picked up a lot in terms of selecting the right trading platform. For conventional trading, some firms represent individual sectors in the world’s economy. When I became a trader, I wanted to build my own business which is difficult to accomplish in a world where beginner traders are rarely allowed to express their full potential.

Trading Platforms

I knew that trading was my passion but I never even thought about choosing to trade using conventional means because that would put me at a terrible disadvantage. So to start my business, I had to use other techniques in the industry. One of the fastest-growing sectors in the trading industry is online trading platforms. These platforms essentially replace the role of a financial firm that uses conventional methods with an online system that allows individuals to trade using their resources and not rely on any outside access.


Now thousands of online trading platforms are available to users from around the world but only a couple hundred are verified platforms of which the best one for you depends on your priorities. To differentiate the absolute best trading platform not just for my requirements but for trading in general I formulated some factors that I believe reflect the quality of a platform in the best possible sense. After searching for a couple of weeks, I found Green Tower Investments and selected it as my primary trading platform from which I conduct my business. This is a review of the factors that led me to choose Green Tower Investments as my go-to trading platform.

The basic factors which I was able to isolate while searching for trading platforms are as follows;

  • Secure Systems
  • Quality Learning Tools
  • Tradable Assets

Secure Systems

As a beginner in the trading world, I knew that my first order of business after starting operations would be to ensure the security of all my data and account information. Anything related to my trading business had to be locked in a digital vault. So when I started going through the most secure trading platforms on the market, I came across Green Tower Investments where their security systems were showcased in great detail.

As a trader, my trade secrets are essential to my success and every trading bid I make contributes to the increase in my profit margin. So you can see why I value security above all else. Green Tower Investments goes all out when it comes to ensuring that your data is kept under lock and key unless and until you access it. No third party can access my data without my knowledge. Even if by some miracle an outsider was able to figure out the password to my account, it is very unlikely that my account would be compromised since every activity on my account goes through my device and any out of routine activity is flagged immediately.


All I can say about the security of this trading platform is that you do not need to worry about it in terms of data leaks because I already have done that for you and I can verify that your information will stay safe at all times even when you are offline.

Tradable Assets

The primary function of a trading platform is to allow the user access to assets that can be traded on the open market with no limitations whatsoever. What I liked about the assets catalogue of Green Tower Investments is that it held nothing back. Every asset is accessible to every user. I remember being a little overwhelmed when I first saw the large number of assets they had but I eventually came to the conclusion that this was a good thing. All I needed to do was learn which I could ensure I had the right tools for and choose accordingly.

The different types of assets included various forex based trades that also included indices and company stocks. I do wish they offered a little flexibility when trading with forex considering how important it is in the trading space. Perhaps it is in the works but I can’t say anything for sure.

Other assets also include currencies and commodities which offered a respectable amount of profit. However, the main player in this asset catalogue was crypto. Cryptocurrencies were the next big thing and even though they are relatively unstable in the open market, they are the future of the economic system and every trader is aware of this fact which is why it is essential to have them available in an asset catalogue. I remember feeling great joy after closing my first crypto deal and increasing my profit for that week.

Quality Learning Tools

As a beginner, I am not exactly used to trading with a lot of assets especially on an online platform and frankly, I am not even comfortable trading with assets I have never used before. This is the point where many beginners like myself get stuck. Because we have access to so many tools but we barely know how to use them.  However, one of the best things about Green Tower Investments is that it has custom tools that are designed for the sole purpose of guiding users specifically beginners into learning the dos and don’ts of online trading in terms of open market rules and free-market trading.

One of the basic components of any trading platform must be any educational tool designed just for the sole purpose of guiding users. There are new assets made available on trading platforms every month and not all assets can be traded using the same game plan. Every asset is different in its sense and the guides portraying their use in the open market must be made available. There must be an entire section dedicated to providing quality resources and materials for beginners and professionals alike from where users can learn and hone their skills under the trading rules.


Green Tower Investments does an excellent job at this by offering users ebooks that detail every tool accessible via its trading platform and a separate FAQ section also available for newcomers who are completely new to the online trading system.


I was genuinely surprised to see a section preserved for guidance tools on a trading platform. Many of the other platforms I had tested had very complex interfaces and most of them did not offer any guidance as to how a beginner was supposed to learn to utilize their platform.

This was not the case for Green Tower Investments. They were well prepared to receive their beginner traders and I can verify that the e-Books available were a lot of help. They taught me how to handle specific assets and how to treat market changes. Even the slightest shift in market trends has a huge impact on traders and it was very beneficial to have resources at the tip of my finger to help me analyse the situation changes taking place every day during trading hours.

I do wish there were more detailed sources that offered a greater understanding in terms of implementing strategies that would help me and other beginners formulate plans when the markets open. I believe this is something the platform should look into and considering how their business model is based upon prioritising support for beginners, I wouldn’t be surprised if they weren’t already looking into this missed opportunity.


This particular section helped out a lot when I first registered with Green Tower Investments. I cannot tell you how many times I had to contact the support teams of other trading platforms just to sign up for their services. This is why I am including the FAQ section in this review. It spared my time and sped up the process.

I would be lying if I said the FAQ section was useless. It was most probably the best of all. It contained the answers to every question I had and then some. This way I did not need to reach out to the support team of Green Tower Investments who are amazing people by the way. I just think that I’d be wasting my time and the time of the support team if I contacted them for every query I had. Now I only contact the support team when an issue occurs that is not already pre-described in the FAQ section. This is why I feel like if they were to constantly upgrade their FAQ section, they would save us the hassle of contacting support every now and then.

Concluding Statement

Online trading requires patience and training but with the right set of skills, you can become the best trader in your industry and accomplish your goals as I did. Green Tower Investments was the platform on which I built my business and I just want more people to utilize the online trading system and achieve their dreams.

Disclaimer: This review is written from my own experience and my self-knowledge only and this is not a recommendation.