Aashi Tripathi

Some celebrities don’t need an introduction, and Aashi Tripathi is undoubtedly one of them. As the daughter of the renowned Indian actor Pankaj Tripathi, she belongs to a family deeply rooted in the world of Hindi cinema.  Pankaj Tripathi, with his versatile roles in over 60 films and numerous TV shows, has established his position as one of the best actors in the industry.

In this article, we are going to explore Aashi Tripathi’s Wiki, Age, Biography, family, personal life, and more. So, let’s get started!

Aashi Tripathi – Biography

NameAashi Tripathi
Father NamePankaj Tripathi
Mother NameMridula Tripathi
Grand Father NamePandit Banaras Tiwari
Grand Mother NameHemwati
Birth PlaceBelsand, Gopalganj, Bihar, India
Age16 Years Old
Body Measurements30-26-31 Inches
HobbiesReading and Drawing


Aashi Tripathi, born in Gopalganj, Bihar, India, hails from a prestigious acting lineage, with her father being the renowned actor Pankaj Tripathi. Born between 2007 and 2008, she is already a well-known child star in India.

The mother of Aashi Mridula Tripathi manages the household and nurtures her daughter’s upbringing. Pankaj Tripathi’s fame contributes to the Tripathi family’s legacy. Aashi’s paternal grandparents Hemanti Devi and Pandit Benaras Tripathi, also play vital roles in her family. Hemwati, her grandmother, is a dedicated homemaker, while Pandit Banaras, her grandfather, is involved in agriculture.

Also, Aashi Tripathi, with her roots in the excellent town of Belsand, holds the promise of a bright future as she follows in the footsteps of her family in the entertainment industry.

Aashi Tripathi’s Physical Features

Aashi Tripathi, who is a picture of elegance, stands 5 feet 1 inch tall, and weighs only 50 kilograms, with an excellent physique of 30-26-31 inches (bust-waist-hips). Comprising a 30B bra size, she has a striking banana shape. Moreover, Aashi’s exquisite brown eyes complement her rich brown hair. She wears size 7 (US) shoes that overall enhance her stunning appearance.

Aashi Tripathi’s Family

Aashi’s father is the renowned Indian actor Pankaj Tripathi, and her mother’s name is Mridula Tripathi. While Pankaj Tripathi is actively involved in the entertainment industry, Aashi’s mother dedicates her time to nurturing the family at home. Aashi was born to Hemanti Devi and Pandit Benaras Tripathi. Her grandfather, Pandit Banaras Tripathi, is a farmer, and her grandmother, Hemwati Tripathi, is a homemaker. Aashi is an only child, and she does not have any siblings.

In comparison to her more widely recognized sisters such as Janhvi Kapoor, Sara Ali Khan, and Ananya Panday, Aashi Tripathi opts for a more reserved public presence as the daughter of Pankaj Tripathi. Occasional glimpses of her on her parents’ social media hint at the evident star quality akin to that of a Bollywood diva. Presently a high school senior at 16 years old, Aashi maintains a low profile regarding her future plans, which distinguishes her from other celebrity offspring whose aspirations are often more publicized.

All the fundamentals of Aashi’s identity are deeply rooted in the strong bonds she shares with her family. Aashi’s father, the well-known actor Pankaj Tripathi, boasts an impressive portfolio, having contributed to over sixty films and online series. Aashi’s mother is Mridula Tripathi, and she is the sole child of her parents.

Undoubtedly, the love and support showered upon Aashi by her family play an important role in shaping her character. While Aashi’s private life, including any potential romantic involvement, remains discreet, there are no public disclosures about her relationships.

Social Media Profiles of Aashi Tripathi

In this era dominated by digital connectivity, fans often gain insights into celebrities’ lives through social media platforms. However, Aashi chooses not to go with this trend. With a modest following on Instagram under the username @anjoriaa, she maintains a low online profile, and there is little information available about her on other online platforms.

Pankaj Tripathi Talks About Her Daughter

Pankaj shared insights into his daughter Aashi’s aspirations, emphasizing her current focus on academics and athletics, with no immediate plans to enter the Bollywood scene. He expressed a wait-and-see attitude toward her future choices, advising her to concentrate on school activities for the time being. Despite excelling in literature and writing, where she holds the top position in her class, Aashi remains disinterested in the world of movies.

Interesting Facts about Aashi Tripathi

Aashi Tripathi is now in her twenties with simplicity and sporting passion. Her daily routine involves spirited badminton matches in her backyard. Despite belonging to a wealthy family, Aashi maintains a low profile on social media. She admires Ms. Dhoni as her cricket idol. Beyond sports, Aashi finds solace in literature and music. Moreover, her choice of transportation, a Q7 Audi, reflects a blend of sophistication and practicality. Aashi, with her inherited fame and love for life’s simple pleasures, emerges as a unique and grounded individual.