Starz on FiOS

Many TV networks, including Starz on FiOS, are emerging day by day, grabbing the attention of users who love watching movies, comedy shows, and a wide number of other programs right on the TV screen. Besides, Starz Network comprises plentiful other channels for endless entertainment and FiOS offers its users to get benefit from all the Starz Network channels at the best possible prices.

Very much like HBO on Frontier and Showtime on FiOS, Starz is considered one of the premium channels, equipped with all kinds of entertainment for different types of users. Simply, you need to subscribe to one of FiOS’ packages to get the chance to watch Hollywood blockbuster movies alongside plenty of other marvelous shows.

How to Find Starz on FiOS?

The most commonly asked question is what channel is Starz on FiOS? For your ease, this guide comprises a complete channel numbers list to identify the Starz channel number in your state or city.

If you can’t get Starz on FiOS in your location, you may go to the company’s official website and enter your zip code for easy access. It’ll also allow you to view multiple channels, such as NFL Network on FiOS and much more.

Channel NameChannel No
HD Starz West341
HD Starz Edge West343
Starz In Black344
HD Starz Cinema346
Starz Encore West351
Starz Encore Classic352
Starz Encore Classic West353
Starz Encore Westerns354
Starz Encore Westerns West355
 Starz Encore Suspense356
 Starz Encore Suspense West357
Starz Encore Black358
Starz Encore Black West359
HD Starz Encore Action360
Starz Encore Action West361
Starz Encore Family362
Starz Encore Espanol363
HD Starz Edge342/842
Starz Youngsters & Household345/845
Starz Comedy347/847
Starz Encore350/85

Starz is one of the most widely watched premium television networks in the United States. Lion Gate Entertainment owns the Starz Network, which has produced some of the top original movie films and television series in the industry. This channel has amassed such a large following over the years that it currently has millions of subscribers.

Users may watch movies and series in both SD and HD resolution on the Starz Network. Don’t limit yourself to your television since the Starz app allows you to watch your favorite shows and movies right on your smartphone. Besides, with Starz on FiOS, you can easily view over 1,000 TV shows and movies. Encore, On-Demand, Starz HD, Movieplex On-Demand, Starz HD On-Demand, Starz Play, and many other entertainment channels are included.

Shows to Watch on Starz Network

Similar to Paramount Network on FiOS, you’re unquestionably sure to enjoy unmatched entertainment with Starz Network’s famous shows, such as:

  • The Pier

For more than 20 years, Jack McCarthy had no contact with his father. When he learned of his death, he decided to return home. When he arrived, he found that his father had dumped him into returning home by pretending to die. They were embroiled in a power struggle. Jack sought solace in the companionship of a traveler from the United States.

  • Blindspotting

An eyewitness to the police murder was a black ex-convict who is about to finish his probation. He was troubled by the occurrence, and he had to reconsider his friendship with his best buddy, who happened to be white. Miles was also renowned for his bad temper and reckless behavior. When he bought a pistol, their connection skyrocketed.

  • American Gods

When Shadow found out about his wife’s death in a vehicle accident, his world was flipped upside down. On his way back from the funnel, he ran upon Mr. Wednesday, an enigmatic figure. He explained that an oncoming conflict between the Old Gods and the New Gods was developing in America and that he would be caught in the middle of it. Wednesday continued to keep numerous secrets from Shadow, despite the fact that the world around him continues to be perplexing. Watch the end results of God’s war now.