Showtime on FiOS

Nothing beats downtime where all you do is watch TV. Whether it be some sport or just an old movie, it is always fun to sit on the couch, sip the coffee and skim through channels. And if you know what channel is Showtime on FiOS, you are in for some great entertainment. That is how specific you can get when looking for channel numbers these days. And the variety of channels that the service providers have to offer these days are immense. Not to forget, the options of DVR and watching TV on the go.

And Frontier is kinda very flexible with all the cable TV options that it has to offer.

What Channel is Showtime on FiOS

If you use the services of Frontier communications, then you might be familiar with the FiOS TV. And why wouldn’t you be? This feature has channels to offer for every taste. As you get custom TV options when you subscribe to the FiOS TV packages. In case you are wondering, you get access to some of the greatest TV channels. And these include:

  • ESPN
  • PAC-12 Network

Basically, you get access to unlimited entertainment. While ESPN and PAC-12 Network cater to the needs of the sports fanatics, SHOWTIME is a movie lover’s paradise. In case you are wondering what channel is SHOWTIME on FiOS in different states, here’s your guide.

State Channel Number
Florida 365/865 HD
California 365/865 HD
Oregon 365/865 HD
Texas 365/865 HD
Washington 365/865 HD
Indiana 365/865 HD

SHOWTIME remains a very popular choice amongst individuals because it gives them access to critically acclaimed original series. This includes the Emmy winning shows like Homeland. Apart from that, you also get access to some of the hard-hitting documentaries and comedy specials. So, there’s a program for every mood. Some of the famous series or movies featured on SHOWTIME include:

  • Ray Donovan
  • Billions
  • Baby Driver

The best part is that it is commercial-free. So, you do not have to sit through the annoying ads while watching a show or movie. It also provides you with an option to download your favorite shows or movies. And watch them offline later.

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Anyhow, talking about the many more channels that FiOS has to offer. The lifestyle and reality TV fans have a treat as well. As they get access to channels like Hallmark Movie and GSN. And all this at a faster speed. Because FiOS helps ensure that the speeds at which entertainment reaches your house are faster than its normal cable service. This is because the fiber-optic network is extended straight to your home. So, in practice, no neighbor shares the TV signal with you. Your house is the sole receiver of the signal that you receive. Feel special yet? Well, you should.

Take Control with the DVR

Do you know what’s better than a simple FiOS TV plan?  A DVR to go with it. Do you know what a DVR does? It gives you the following:

  • More storage
  • More choices
  • More control

And it is possible because getting the DVR device allows you to store 200 hours’ worth of shows or movies. Apart from that, you get to control LIVE TV on up to 10 devices. Woah that’s huge. And not just this you can record up to 12 hours of shows simultaneously. Frontier should’ve named it ‘D multi-tasker VR.’ Anyhow, apart from all this, you get up to 2 TB of storage. If all these features did not excite you, what on earth will?

Because apart from all this, you get access to Netflix from your remote control. Moreover, you can choose from an array of 150,000 On Demand titles. So, you get to store all your favorite shows or movies in HD. And binge watches them whenever you please. No one’s gonna bound you to watch at the time the show’s on TV. You even get access to an advanced on-screen guide to make your experience even better. And less annoying. And you have opted for the Quantum DVR service, you are in for a lot of surprises. Because this feature will allow you to manage your TV watching throughout your entire home.

The App On the Go!

Frontier TV even offers you to download the app. All you need is an Internet connection. And the downloaded app. Then you are ready to say goodbye to the boring commutes. You can watch TV anywhere at any given time.

3-in-1 Deal

The FiOS service alone is pretty good. But you can opt to make the experience better. You now know about the DVR that you can couple FiOS with. However, you also have an option to have a triple play deal by opting for Frontier FiOS Internet as well. Because to be able to make the perfect use of your DVR, you need more than just the FiOS service. You need a fast Internet connection that provides you with the speed to download the shows almost instantly. Not just download but also the speed that lets your stream shows online without buffering as well.

However, you can also opt for deals and packages. They will not be so heavy on your pocket. And will provide you with all the three services. Which means you get access to the Internet, cable and voice services from Frontier. From the many bundles that you can choose are the various Triple Play bundles. Although they offer the same services, they vary based on the following:

  • Internet speed
  • Number of channels

The perks offered by the voice service remain constant in all the four different bundles. But there are many more reasons to opt for Frontier bundles. And that includes the liberty you get to personalize and savings you can make. And also the option of the on-screen guide. This allows you to search for the channel numbers. For example, if you want to find what channel is SHOWTIME on FiOS, you can scroll through that guide. And within no time you can scroll to your favorite channel. You couldn’t have it in any better way, could you?