play games on twitch

Making money out of your passion or hobby is almost the perfect thing for a person. Gaming is something like that in modern days. People are earning their living and more through streaming games on various platforms.

Twitch is among the best platforms for streaming video games. Many people are dependent on twitch for their livelihood. In fact, some of the streamers make more money than the mainstream jobs. Here we will explore why people love playing games on twitch.

Reasons people love playing on twitch

There are a lot of reasons people love to play games on twitch. It’s the first choice for anyone planning on starting a streaming career. The following reasons are somethings that influence their choices.

It’s a well-known platform:

The first thing to look at is the popularity of twitch in terms of gaming. Anyone interested in games and gaming contents have heard the name of twitch. So, being on twitch means you will have a good number of followers no matter which game you are streaming. It increases the chances of your content to reach out to more people. It helps you to grow as a streamer and a gamer if you are planning to make this your profession.

Well optimized platform:

Twitch is a platform meant for gaming. So, when it comes to streaming games you won’t have much problems. The quality and streaming facilities are undoubtedly the best on twitch. That’s why the enjoyability also gets very high when streaming on twitch. Also, your viewers can enjoy watching high quality content live with just a little delay. Doesn’t matter what games you want to play you can do it with Twitch. It’s not just about PC games you can start streaming all the console games too. And the quality stays top notch throughout the way.


Benefits you get from twitch for streaming are endless. First of all, the monthly subscription will help you earn a good amount of money. You can keep your streams members only so only the subscribed members can watch your streams. The twitch chat can be filtered and modified as well.

You can get your own stickers and emojis. The quality of video streaming is excellent as well. If you can become a twitch partner then you can enjoy a lot of additional benefits from twitch streaming. You can have ads and bits to get more money.

Added to that you can customize your channel accordingly. There are a lot of customization options. You can have custom chat badges, emotes, lifetime channel subscription facilities.

You can also have added storage for your VODs. All these benefits are more than enough to get yourself started on twitch.

A wide community:

When you stream on twitch you can have a widespread community for a specific type of game. You can get along with other streamers and gamers like Tfue, Shroud, and Ninja to do collaboration. This is a really helpful way to enjoy playing games, socialize, and grow as a streamer at the same time.


There are lots of events held by twitch. You can participate on them and win a good amount of prize money. This is an exclusive perk of streaming on twitch. Besides different competitions there are other events you can join as well. Here, all the other streamers gather and enjoy their times. Also, fans get to meet their favorite streamers as well.

Twitch shop:

There is a twitch shop facility as well. You can have your own merch and sell them online through the twitch shop. So, when it comes to making money there are various ways to make money on twitch.

Exclusive twitch chat:

Twitch chat is the best reason that people enjoy playing games on twitch. Because you can easily switch between only subscriber chat or open for all chat options. There are other facilities to twitch chats as well.

You can use shortcuts to get various kinds of commands popped up. You can easily go for public poll options. Also, almost anyone can leave their comments without having to reveal any of their information there. It’s a great way to communicate with your audience when you are streaming on twitch. Also, there are pop up messages that are special to subscribers.

Creating short clips:

Creating short clips from your VOD’s is really easy on twitch. You and your followers anyone can create short clips. This is very helpful for creating highlights of your VOD’s as the whole thing might get boring to some people. So, people would surely check out the highlights.


Apart from all the benefits we discussed another thing that makes twitch a better option is categorizing the VOD’s. You can categorize your VOD’s based on the games and their types. So, all these reasons definitely are enough why people enjoy playing games on twitch.