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A plethora of channels to choose from. A high-speed Internet connection. Reliable voice service. Who other than Frontier to trust as your service provider? The company provides you with an option to subscribe to individual services or choose from some amazing packages. The best one being the Frontier online deals. The array of features that the deals offer will amaze you. So, you should expect the following if you subscribe to any of the online deals:

  • Amazing discounts
  • Affordable 3-in-1 deals including HDTV, High-Speed Internet, and phone services
  • Option to choose from double and triple play bundles

Talking about the double and triple play deals, you enjoy the following features when you opt for the triple play:

  • FiOS TV + Internet + Voice
  • A buffet of up to 315 channels
  • 200 Mbps of high-speed Internet
  • Unlimited calling nationwide
  • No annual contract to keep you bounded

Although Frontier has a variety of TV options to choose from, FiOS TV offered in this triple deal is the best so far.


Subscribing to FiOS TV allows you to choose from a variety of programming. This includes everything of your interest. It makes it very easy for you to choose from the following:

  • Pay-per-view/special event
  • On-demand
  • Non-English channels

From various English and foreign language channels to the music of all types, it’s all a matter of a click. Moreover, when you are watching TV, there is an on-screen IMG (Interactive Media Guide) that lets you search for programming. This is based on the day and time, a specific topic, a title, actor or a category (e.g Sports) that you want to choose from.

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Pay-Per-View/Special Event

FiOS TV provides you with an opportunity to enjoy an event like a concert or boxing match as you are a front-row-seat spectator. It even gives you an option to choose to watch these pay-per-view events live or record them for later. However, due to certain restrictions, you might not be able to record every pay-per-view event. It still is a pretty amazing feature. Like all the live events that are just a click away. Apart from all this, parents also have an option to block any of the pay-per-view content they believe is not meant for their child’s age.


Another feature that FiOS TV offers is the on-demand option. This feature lets you watch all your favorite movies, premium channel content, or TV shows at any time. Not to forget that the on-demand entertainment library (divided into categories) has around 150,000 options for you to select from. Some of the categories are:

  • Free on-demand
  • Kids Zone
  • FiOS movie deals
  • Adult

Non-English Language

Yet another exciting feature that FiOS TV offers. It allows you to subscribe to International channels including news and entertainment channels. Some of the many options that you can choose from include:

  • La Conexion – A package including Spanish and English channels
  • Option to choose from a variety of Farsi, Chinese, Russian, French and Italian channels to choose from

By the way, the FiOS TV comes with all the following equipment:

  • FiOS Set-Top Box – comes with or without a DVR (depending on your preference)
  • FiOS Remote Control – this remote control gives you the power to do everything. From changing channels to customizing according to your like
  • DVR-to-Go – available to the FiOS Quantum TV subscribers, it allows you to watch live and recorded TV on your smartphone

Apart from this, you get an option to pair your FiOS Quantum TV set-top box with Alexa Echo.

These are some very awesome features for anyone who is looking for a unique TV-watching experience. However, Frontier has a couple of more choices from which you can choose.

Vantage TV by Frontier

Vantage TV offers the subscribers the following features:

  • HD picture quality
  • Total Home DVR
  • Instant channel change
  • Super-fast navigation

It gives you a variety of channels to choose from and all in HD quality. This includes channels like HBO. Since HBO is a very popular choice among people, here’s an easy guide for you to see which channel number it is on in your area:

State Channel Number
North Carolina (East) 899
Connecticut (East) 899
Georgia (East) 899
Texas (East) 899
Florida (East) 899
Virginia (East) 899
New York (East) 899
Washington (West) 901
Oregon (West) 901
Nevada (West) 901
California (West) 901
Montana (West) 901
Arizona (West) 901
Utah (West) 901
New Mexico (West) 901

However, the most unique feature that Vantage TV has to offer is the accessibility options for people with disabilities. Very considerate of the company to come up with this option.

Frontier TV Everywhere

Frontier even gives you an option to take your TV with you, allowing you to view your live TV and as well as on-demand content wherever you want. You can choose from options like your smartphone, tablet or even your computer to view TV on.

Doesn’t life become ah-so-amazing with all such offers?

Talking of Frontier, don’t think that the cable TV services are the only thing that the company offers. You have a choice to choose from a variety of Frontier Internet deals with various features as well.

FiOS Internet

Unlike other Internet services, the FiOS service is unique. It offers blazing upload and download speeds. Ideal for multiple devices, it is a good option if you want to stream content online. The best part about FiOS Internet is that you get a direct line to your home. Which means that you do not have to share with your neighbors. And this means that you can enjoy up to a whopping 300 Mbps speed of the Internet all by yourself. However, you do get an option to choose from speeds ranging between 50 Mbps-300Mbps.

And if you bundle the Internet service with the TV or voice service, it is even better. You get to choose from a variety of affordable deals. So, if you want to subscribe for uninterrupted services, you should consider Frontier. The company does not tie you to any contracts. So, if you are not satisfied, you can opt-out any time.