Samsung TV Codes

You’ll need to stop looking around any further if you are in search of Samsung TV Codes, as we’ve got you covered. Here on this single page, there is a variety of remote-control codes, which can work perfectly for your Samsung TV. Perhaps quite a few won’t work as perfectly as they should, but you may have a plethora of options to give a try to others to get the right one. You need to go to the process once only in order to program your remote control to your Samsung TV.

Indeed, there is a handsome range of TV brands worldwide, covering a vast part of the markets with their mind-boggling TVs. However, let’s not forget that Samsung is considered to be the number one brand not only in its homeland Korea but other parts of the world too. Like others, Samsung TVs arrive with remote control, but you’ll need Samsung TV Codes for Remote to configure it with your TV.

Plentiful Useful Samsung TV Codes 2020

  • 0358, 0172
  • 0085, 0076
  • 11575, 10408
  • 10482, 265
  • 507, 573

How to Program Samsung TV Codes for Remotes

Programing Samsung TV Codes seem to be a hassle-full job, but it’s not the case, in actual. We have listed down a couple of steps and guidelines to follow and program TV codes for your Samsung TV with ease.

  • Turn on your Samsung TV and be sure DTA is turned on too. Also, note that DTA is installed on the TV properly.
  • Grab your Samsung TV remote you need to program with your TV.
  • You’ll need to make sure that the remote you’re going to program is capable of seeing the front on an adapter when programming.
  • While using an adapter of your remote, you’ll need to hold a button “PROG” until an LED on the remote turns on. Now, press the “Info” button to proceed further.
  • Please wait for a second and look at the LED that will blink slowly, which indicates that it’s now pairing with your TV.
  • The TV will show a 3-digit code on the screen that you’ll need to press through your remote.
  • Right after entering the appeared code, your TV will show “Success.”
  • However, if it doesn’t work properly, the TV will show “Sorry,” and you’ll need to repeat the process again with another Samsung TV Codes.

Samsung TV Codes Updated List 2020

Other Method

Above, we have explained how you can program your remote to your Samsung TV with ease in detail. But if that method doesn’t work for you, here is an alternative.

  • In order to Samsung TV Codes for Remotes, look for a button “PROG” on your remote control.
  • Press that button until unless you see a small/tiny LED light on your remote.
  • Select now the option “TV.”
  • Choose any mentioned above code for your Samsung TV and enter through keys on the remote.
  • Right after entering the code, if the light goes off, it means that you’ve entered the right code successfully.

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Useful Remote-Control Codes for Samsung TV

0056, 0774, 0587, 0370, 0519, 0264, 0092, 1663, 2065, 0482, 1305, 0072, 4086, 1060, 1859, 0150, 1840, 0090, 0178, 1506, 1423, 0208, 0606, 1249, 0037, 1235, 0714, 1637, 1842, 0698, 1842, 0556, 0715, 0361, 1681, 0109.


How Can You Find Your Samsung TV Code?

The right code alongside a serial number of the TV can be found on the right side (for new models). However, if you an old model, then look on the back of the TV to get access to the serial number as well as model code.

What’s the 4 Digit Code for Your Samsung TV?

4-digit code is one of those Samsung TV codes that you’ll need to program your Samsung or Universal remote. There are a wide number of codes mentioned on this page. You can choose any and try programming your remote with your Samsung TV. Be sure to try different codes to program correctly.

How to Program a New Remote to Your Samsung TV?

Almost every Samsung TV comes with a remote sensor on the lower right side and if you don’t find it, then look in the bottom center. Press now the Play/Pause and Return button on the remote together and hold for a minimum of 3 seconds. Your Samsung TV will start syncing.

Can You Program a Universal Remote?

Yes! You can program a universal remote by pressing and holding the “Program” button and choosing the TV option on your remote. Give now a try to more than one Samsung TV Codes using the remote’s number pad. Press the “Program” button again to finish the process.