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Who doesn’t take their phone with them while traveling these days? When your phone has GPS, a translator, an entertainment system and a camera all rolled up it becomes an essential part of the travel experience. People lose thousands of smartphones every year or get them damaged. According to research in Australia more than 1,00,000 mobile phones are lost or stolen every year. If combined it makes 1000 Smart phones each week or one mobile phone every six minutes. This number comes out when the phones which are damaged or hacked are not considered. Considering this number and the expense of phones these days, one can’t imagine losing them. With all the personal information, contacts and photos here are the best ways to keep your phone safe while you’re traveling.

Protect Your Data With a VPN

No doubt the phone’s physical safety is really important, but it is important to protect the data as well. Your phones usually have passwords, credit card numbers and bank account details in it. It is said that while traveling, phones are more susceptible to malicious attacks and thefts. Using open Wi-Fis at different spots like cafes, hotels is tempting, and this makes your phones prone to viruses. Open Wi-Fis usually are the source of most of the viruses. To avoid all these things, it is suggested that your phone must have a high-quality VPN. VPN makes your phone safe and secure and no one can hack into it to steal your information. It can encrypt your traffic and the hackers can’t access your cell phone or even let them detect your device. VPNs are also very useful to change the IP address of your phone. If you are travelling and any popular streaming service is banned in that country, you can change the IP address of your phone and use it.

Buy a Phone Case

Besides protecting your phone’s data, it is important to keep your phone safe physically. With the rising use of smartphones, one of the most important things to keep them protected. For keeping them safe it is important that you keep them covered in a case. One can’t buy new phones every month or say whenever it falls and gets broken. So, it is important that you keep them safe and protected by keeping them in a cover. There are different types of covers available in the market for different models of your smartphones. You can get them customized and design them the way you like. This will make your phone look aesthetically pleasing and keep it safe as well. If the glass of your phone is broken, get it to any nearby cell phone repair shop.

Don’t Leave it Unattended

When travelling, you might have heard it a lot that you have to keep your luggage with you and not leave it unattended. This same thing applies to your phone. You must not keep it away from you while traveling or leave it unattended in a hotel or restaurant. Anyone can reach your phone in that time and access its contents. Beware of such things, you might not want to face all of this while traveling.

Activate Passwords

There wasn’t a trend of locking up smartphones until some years ago. As the world has progressed and cyber thefts have increased, people have started locking their smartphones. Locking your smartphone is the first step towards its safety. If you lose your phone or someone steals it from you, a locked smartphone will be difficult to open instead of one that will be unlocked. Phones like the latest Samsung models and iPhones have biometric verification like a finger swipe which makes it even tougher for the thief to reach inside your data. With this verification it is also easy to recover your devices if they get lost.

To conclude, it is really important for you to take all the necessary steps that are important to keep your phone protected. While travelling it gets difficult but if the necessary steps are taken, your phone is safe and protected.