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As per the estimate of the Centre for Monitoring Indian Economy, over 122 million people lost their jobs in India during the month of April. The year 2020 has given the economy a very severe blow and the same...
Different kinds of technologies arrive and become a part of our past in a matter of years. Although too many things have become quite old, let’s not forget that remote control of devices like TV and others would definitely...
Do you think that there is anything that is more important than battery life? Okay, it could be oxygen and some additional things as well. But when you are continuously working on the go or not even getting time...
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The business world has moved quite a way ahead from the bricks and mortar concept to the digital podium. Not a handful, but there are thousands of brands that are tangibly nowhere, but have quadrupled their customer base to...
Do you know that according to an RBC analyst, the estimated number of Google Home devices sold worldwide during 2018 was 52 million! And of those, 43 million were sold only in the United States. The war of smart...
With an amazing idea in your mind, you’re all set out to make a mobile app for your business. You found a great development team and you’re just a few weeks away from launching a brand new mobile app....
The popularity of cloud services is gaining popularity more than ever during the pandemic. And with it, the capability of the cloud is evolving rapidly for handling the work of industries fluently and efficiently. There are many questions that...
You submitted to the App Store and Play Store and expected that people would swarm to download and install your app once approved. But that did not happen. Here's the thing: The app industry has become extremely competitive over the...
As a business owner or web developer, you want your website or web app to run flawlessly on the web. The basics of website or web app development are the language and tools used to develop it. For 78.9%...





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