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Programmers always want portability, good battery life and, of course, flawless performance. Laptops are much more than just a way to play games, watch movies and listen to songs. And that's the reason we have a list of the...
Internet providers come together during this breakout of the Covid-19 crisis. Recently, 69 service providers signed the ‘keep Americans connected’ pledge on 13th March 2020, as requested by FCC. The number increased to 185 on Monday, March 16. While the...
We are living in a high-tech world and if we don’t keep checking ourselves frequently, the impact of technology on our physical, mental, social as well as environmental health would be overwhelming. It is hard to deny all the...
Nowadays, spending safe and productive digital life is quite important for everyone and for their families to get a lot more from online experiences. Whether you love reading blogs, watching videos, seek out new information in order to keep...
The tech business is now creating cutting edge advancements to provide an excessively high-speed connection, and the major wireless companies hope to have a sizeable number of clients on 5G networks by 2025. There have been three noteworthy new ages...
What’s worse than waiting out the COVID-19 pandemic? Being exposed to or contracting the virus is an obvious first. But a close second for many people is their laptop running out of juice. Let’s face it, everyone’s spending a...
If you are looking for an answer of which is the Media Player for Window PC, you have come to the right place. A media player must be simple, intuitive and lightweight as well as feature-rich software. If these...
ZCash is a cryptocurrency with a strong concentrate on specific privacy along with the protection along with the defense of private details. ZCash preserves the functions of the general public blockchain, nonetheless at the identical time permits completely confidential...
There were a bunch of announcements at 2018’s Computex in Taipei and Asus VivoWatch BP announcement is one of them. Let’s admit that we’re all used to wearables for tracking our heart rate, but Asus VivoWatch BP goes one...
An ordinary laptop is not suitable for gamers. You need a PC that’s packed with gaming hardware. I am a gamer myself. Very recently, I upgraded my Spectrum Internet Only plan so that I can enjoy uninterrupted gaming sessions with...





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