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Monday, March 1, 2021
As per the estimate of the Centre for Monitoring Indian Economy, over 122 million people lost their jobs in India during the month of April. The year 2020 has given the economy a very severe blow and the same...
Parenting has become stress-free with mobile phone spy apps enabling parents to keep an eye on their children. A wisely picked up android spy app empowers parents to be virtually present around kids and supervise their digital behavior to...
Looking for a solid forex trading platform? It tends to be a little awkward when you are looking for another trading platform. You may be taking a look at enormous quantities of trading platforms and simply don't have the...
What is an Infrastructure Engineer? Before you can understand what infrastructure technology is, you need to understand what the term "infrastructure" means. This term refers to any existing systems that support a community of any size, be it a home,...
It’s not deniable that technology has the power to do much and it is one of them to change the world. We have the privilege to live in a time when both technology and science can support us, facilitate...
AirPods are a great invention and they serve as a handsfree only without any wires. Apple has launched its new AirPods. People have been waiting for this moment as they love the previous version a lot. Let us give...
Almost every individual is using a smartphone these days. It is a fact that smartphones have become a basic necessity for users. From ordering food, bill payment, travel booking to medical and health consultation everyone is using smartphones. iOS,...
The popularity of cloud services is gaining popularity more than ever during the pandemic. And with it, the capability of the cloud is evolving rapidly for handling the work of industries fluently and efficiently. There are many questions that...
Different kinds of technologies arrive and become a part of our past in a matter of years. Although too many things have become quite old, let’s not forget that remote control of devices like TV and others would definitely...
The proper maintenance and the right use of Notebook Battery can help it live a healthy and long life without any problem. Be noted that batteries are produced to manage a specific number of cycles (one cycle contains 0%...





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