Paramount Network on Spectrum

Spectrum provides cable channels through streaming. They are a competitor to traditional cable because they provide popular channels such as Paramount Network on spectrum. Spectrum also allows individuals to subscribe without having to be forced into a hefty monthly payment.

Paramount Network on Spectrum?

Paramount Network owned by Viacom Media Networks, was originally founded by the partnership of Westinghouse Broadcasting and WSM. The content on the channel targeted the Southern culture with shows about country music and motor racing coverage as well as outdoor programming. The channel originally had plans to target a wider audience by following the changes.

However, they ultimately decided to switch to different topics. Paramount is now a quality channel on the same level as premium channels like HBO. 93.4 million households in the U.S receive Paramount Network on spectrum, which features premium entertainment and storytelling.

What is Paramount Network Channel Lineup?

Paramount Network airs on a different channel depending on your location. This does not affect the quality and timing of the shows aired.

Here’s the Spectrum channel lineup for Paramount Network on spectrum across different locations

City/StateChannel NumberCity/StateChannel Number
Cincinnati, OH47Orlando, FL68
Cleveland, OH43Daytona Beach, FL68
Canton, OH30San Antonio, TX59
Raleigh, NC40Dallas, TX74/715
New York, NY36/16Park Cities, TX74/715
Los Angeles, CL45Ft. Worth, TX74/715
Tampa-St, FL43/1285Madison Area, WI30/649
Petersburg, FL48/1285St. Louis, MO71/847


What Paramount Network Shows are you going to watch? If you’re on Spectrum, you have unlimited choices. The best shows from CBS and other networks are available for you. Create a bucket list with these shows:

Lip Sync Battle

If you enjoy music, this show will be a great treat for you. Lip Sync Battle is an American musical reality TV series hosted by Chrissy Teigen and LL Cool J. Celebrities do a battle each week using lip sync. The original idea of the lip sync challenge was realized in The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon

If you are into crime dramas, this is the perfect show for you. It is a reality legal series about police officers and sheriffs patrolling the neighborhood.

Ink Master

The show Ink Master will help provide contestants with competitive challenges to test their artistic skills. Contestants are challenged by their own tattoos and those of other contestants, with one or more being eliminated each episode. The last standing contestant wins a prize of $100,000.

Wife Swap

The show Wife Swap is a reality show that originally aired on ABC. The show is about switching the lives of wives and exploring the differences between them.


Yellowstone is about conflicts between the different sections of land in a cattle ranch. It’s an examination of the brutal world. There are many other TV shows to watch– for example, there’s Bar Rescue, American Woman, Nobodies, and Heathers.