I recently discovered a platform with excellent reviews that provides nearly all I’ve been looking for in a broker. I was jutted in getting a sense of TradeTheBit at first. Still, I ended up becoming a part of the platform. Now I’m writing this in-depth and thorough review to cover every service provided by the platform.

TradeTheBit is a global online trading and investment site for traders. TradeTheBit provides new traders with over 200+ monetary CFD instruments, including Forex, cryptocurrency, commodities, stocks, and indices. These instruments can be traded on the website, which features a fully customizable chart, high-speed execution, client support, and cutting-edge trading tools. Brokers may also benefit from TradeTheBit’s low-dormancy trading climate, supported by broad values.


Even though I am relatively new to the world of online trading, I believe TradeTheBit has made me a better trader in just a few months. Although the platform has areas where it can develop for more excellent performance, I think TradeTheBit has done a fantastic job so far. Continue reading my review to learn about the benefits and drawbacks of this platform.

Assets – CFD, Forex, and indices, and many more:

Since its start, the platform has expanded beyond currency pairs. They currently have traditional forex trading as well as CFDs. Also, They also paved the way in crypto and gave trading access to stocks, crypto, Forex, indices, and commodities.

They have also introduced risk management features to go along with these new trading options. Stop losses and take profits have been added to ensure that forex and CFD traders have all of the high-level features they would expect from commonly used products.

TradeTheBit isn’t a rip-off. I’ve seen the brand grow and advance, and new traders will be able to take advantage of this platform to its full potential.

As a trading platform:

This platform provides the highest degree of service for new and advanced traders. The platform can seem overwhelming at first, but everyone will quickly learn how to use it. I only had to look at the website to realize that it was the most user-friendly platform, especially for new traders.

On my visit to this platform, I enlightened myself with its services and highlights without too much trouble. The format is appealing in and of itself. I discovered that all the trading data is incorporated into the design. The ease with which each snippet of information has been built to fit in is incredible. The shading scheme has been a little shabby. It takes away from the elegant look.


Advanced investigative resources have been added, which can be accessed through a small menu in the price chart’s bottom left corner. If you don’t know how to use a tool, don’t be afraid to ask their representatives. With the guidance of the agents, I had a great time learning more about the tools.

When it comes to efficiency and security, the platform is fully equipped with all the necessary tools and features to assure consumers that their safety is of the utmost importance. Traders are often advised to conduct thorough research on their chosen broker before opening an account.

The trader does not need to download any products or apps to access the site. The platform is intuitively simple to use. Though its features are limited to the users depending on which account is selected. The platform also has many instruments to choose from, and the chart can be customized to the brokers’ preferences.


Chart Type

This option allowed me to rearrange the chart in a way that I preferred. The traditional candlestick, line, and many others default are charts. They are all the various options one can select to have their preferred chart style. Now, while it’s incredible that the platform has a variety of chart styles which are as follows:

  • Line
  • Ohlc
  • Spline
  • Scatter
  • Candlestick

Just five chart varieties, in my opinion, are insufficient.

Even though they all work well and are a matter of personal choice, I believe that having options is a good thing.

Time Interval

It’s incredible how many traders overlook the fact that traders will need to stretch or collapse the period of the price chart they’re looking at. Brokers can now leap through the price charts and specifically direct any trends, thanks to the platform’s incredible adaptability. I liked how the time-interval was defined in such detail as 1m, 5m, 15m, 30m, 1h, 4h, 1D, 1W, 1M.

Charting Tools

A characteristic development from allowing the charts to be stretched out is to allow traders to draw their own understandings onto charts. I used the charting tool to add patterns and support– I used the tools in many different ways that suited my needs. This is critical for me as I needed to get my trading strategies right – but it isn’t always provided on other trading platforms.

Education Center:

TradeTheBit provided me with enlightening educational materials that assisted me in making informed trading decisions by providing me with the necessary information and data. This section of the website contains instructional eBooks, accountings, and market research. Additional educational resources can be found at the following websites:

  • Market Review: This is the fundamental top to bottom information about the current market that helps the traders decide.
  • EBooks: Both clients, whether new beginners or advanced users, approach eBooks, which range in difficulty from inexperienced to cutting-edge. I picked up many tips from the eBooks, but I know that advanced members don’t get as much hands-on training, so I accept that the stage needs to add more in-depth material.
  • Trading glossary: The exchanging glossary sorts words from beginning to end to help traders understand the market.


To pick an asset, I could pick the rundown of all the assets listed on the left half of the chart. When a market is selected, the price chart will be refreshed. I also used the ‘tabs’ above the asset list of the trading region to quickly switch to assets or markets that I had previously traded.


The price chart displays all relevant trading details. The chart will display the current price movements. Still, vertical lines will be overlaid on the chart to show the buy cut-off period (the time by which the exchange should be confirmed) and the lapse time.

Client care

The traders at TradeTheBit are offered an entire team of dedicated representatives. This team is responsible for maintaining the connection between an intermediary and the broker. According to the trader, the client administration support team is highly competent, with a quick turnaround time. The customer service team assisted me with any questions or concerns I had when trading on the site. There is an online form on the site’s contact page; however, there is also a phone number and an email address.

Another way to contact the customer service support team is via live chat. I used the live chat for the first time because I was in a rush to get a solution; I didn’t expect them to respond quickly, and that’s how I assessed the platform’s customer service. They make sure that the clients’ questions are answered.

Different Features at TradeTheBit:

Customers can choose from a variety of highlights and benefits provided by the brand:

Technical Analysis tools– Several advanced analytical tool resources are integrated to help out the clients within the trading region to make trading easy for them.

A variety of educational materials – They provide a collection of educational materials and organized assistance once in a while.

Customer Service: There is a “contact us” icon embedded on every page of the website. Upon clicking, pops up a little box where you can send in your inquiries or any issues. There is also a phone service available for the users. However, this service can only be utilized by the residents of Canada. However, I find that with all the options available to contact the representative, Live chat works the best for me.


So, I hope you learned something new about trading and a lot about TradeTheBit from my study. As I previously mentioned, I began by simply browsing the platform because I saw a few positive comments. Then I became a member of the forum almost immediately. There are some aspects that the platform might improve, but I believe it is a robust platform for both new and seasoned traders.

Regardless, when it comes to TradeTheBit, there is a slew of favorable feedback to reassure potential brokers of their legitimacy. Since I began using TradeTheBit, I have never had the impression that I was being duped. My initial experience has been positive, and I will continue to use this trading platform for my future endeavors.


This review is written from my own experience and my self-knowledge only, and this is not a recommendation.