Worthy Home In Central Florida

With so many changes taking place in the real estate market, it’s no wonder that some places across the country are still strong seller markets, and others are flipping to buyers’ markets. Although many changes are taking place nationwide due to inflation and changes in interest rates, many places around central Florida are still strong seller markets. This means that sellers have the upper hand when selling homes. Although sellers still have a stronghold, you may not want to sell the traditional route or sell your house for cash. Instead, you may want to rent your home. Keep in mind that you don’t have to rent your house long-term. In such a popular area as Central Florida, it may be ideal to establish your home as a short-term rental. Here is how to plan for a staycation-worthy home in Central Florida.

Let In Lots of Light

Central Florida is an excellent getaway for many tourists. However, plenty of your visitors may want to enjoy a home away from home in a vacation rental that makes them feel like they are at a resort. So what’s the best way to make your rental feel like a resort? Start by letting in lots of sunlight. Florida is known for being a sunshine state. So, it would be ideal for you to advertise this essential key feature. One way to do this is by removing heavy, dark draperies from the windows and letting in lots of natural light. If your home is a traditional four-wall structure, you may want to convert one of your walls into sliding glass doors. This will bring in plenty of light and allow visitors to move quickly from the house to the backyard for entertainment.

Install Picture Windows

Installing picture windows is another way to bring in a lot of light. This will allow plenty of that Central Florida Sunshine to flow through the house. But picture windows aren’t only a means of letting in plenty of natural light. These windows also allow people within the home to peer out and enjoy the picturesque views Within Central Florida neighborhoods. So, consider adding this feature to your home to give it a staycation feel.

If You Use Curtains, Make Them Light and Airy

 Ultimately, you’ll want to bring in more light by removing window treatments. However, this could create safety issues and privacy issues. So, if you want to give your guests much more privacy, use curtains. If you choose to use these window treatments, it is a good idea to install the light, airy ones, particularly those made of linen and those that are brightly colored. Choosing light and airy window treatments will allow the sunshine to penetrate the room but allow your guests to have the privacy that they need to deserve.

Get Comfortable Beds 

Want a Sure Fire way to make your home a hit with vacationers? Opt to get some of the most comfortable beds available. Part of having an enjoyable staycation is getting a good night’s rest. The best way to do this is by providing a good sleep experience. You can stick with traditional beds that are comfy. Or you can opt to give the vacationers adjustable beds. Whatever you do, make this a critical part of the staycation experience.

Consider Adding Wicker Furniture 

Since Central Florida can get so hot and rainy, having big bulky furniture may be less than ideal for your staycation rental. It would be a better idea to obtain furniture that is light and airy, such as wicker. Such furniture is easy to move, and it is less likely to scratch wood floors if you have them.

Make Your Decor Nautical

In addition to having light, wicker furniture, it might be ideal to give your decor a nautical theme. Although many areas of Central Florida are landlocked, many people recognize Florida is surrounded by bodies of water. So, if your home is not located by a natural body of water, you can create this theme by adding nautical decor throughout.

Take the Party Outdoors

Central Florida is known for being a very touristy town. As a result, many people like to be outdoors, enjoying the many exciting things Central Florida offers. Your home should also allow guests to enjoy the outdoors thoroughly. So, it is a good idea to set your backyard up for wholesome entertainment. Consider installing plenty of outdoor PrimeLights so that your guests can continue to have a good time long after the beautiful sunsets in Central Florida. Also, consider building a fire pit so your guests can enjoy memorable moments. Finally, don’t forget about comfortable seating! As guests enjoy the outdoors, make sure that they can do so by having plenty of seating on your property.

Prepare Your Food Outside

In addition to taking the party outdoors, why not do all of your cooking outdoors too? You can accomplish this by having a simple, quality grill. Or you can do this by building an outdoor cooking area. You can put in all the bells and whistles, including refrigerators, televisions, places to store wine, a wet bar, and more. Having a great place to prepare food for guests will really give your home a resort feel.

Focus on the Pool

Last but certainly not least, you’ll want to make the pool the central focus. Besides the beautiful sunshine, many people associate Florida with plenty of water. So you’ll want to make your pool as beautiful and comfortable as possible. Keep in mind that central Florida is crawling with reptiles, particularly alligators, who like to take a deep dive in your pool occasionally. To avoid invasions by these reptiles and other critters, you may want to build a Lanai around your pool to keep your guests safe and minimize the chances of wildlife entering your pool.

Whether you’re planning to convert your home in Central Florida into a vacation rental or want to make your home feel like a vacation home so you can enjoy a staycation, these tips will help.