Brands of Hoodies For Men

Hoodies are a winter must-have for everyone. They are usually made out of cotton, polyester, fleece, or a blend of both cotton, and polyester. Cotton is commonly used because it is comfortable to wear, long-lasting, and comfortable. On the other hand, polyester is durable and water-resistant; therefore making it an ideal fabric that can be worn during winter.

When these two fabrics are blended, the result is a well made, soft, and snuggly hoodie. Additionally, hoodies might have fleece and spandex blended into cotton and polyester; the former for insulation and the latter for stretchability. To put together the perfect, relaxed, casual, and laid back outfit during winter, wear your favorite hoodie with a well-loved pair of jeans or sweatpants.

This outfit will make you look put together and well dressed for a casual day out with friends or while simply lounging around at home. However, it is imperative to purchase hoodies from reputable and well-known brands if you want long-lasting hoodies with exceptional quality. Below is a list of international and local brands that are recognized on account of their excellent products.


Nike is a very well-loved international brand and it is known for selling and making athletic apparel. Their products, being extremely varied, ranging from sweatpants, tee-shirts, socks, sweatshirts, hoodies, shorts, and more. Nike men’s hoodies are known to feature their trademark logo: a swoosh with the brand’s name written in italicized letters.

The color range of these hoodies is extremely broad; you can purchase a black, white, grey, red, orange, blue, or green hoodie in small, medium, large, X-large, XX-large, and XXX-large sizes. You can either purchase a zip-up hoodie, which you can conveniently put on and a pullover hoodie that has a big front pocket. If you support a specific sports team, then you can choose from the brand’s range of customized hoodies.


Similar to Nike, Adidas makes impeccable and top-notch athletic apparel. It caters to a diverse international clientele by selling an array of different hoodies. The pullover hoodie is cozy and comfortable and makes for the perfect outerwear on a chilly winter or fall day. The zip-up hoodie can be styled and layered in many trendy ways. Slip a coat, jeans, or leather jacket on top of a neutral-colored zip-up hoodie. Wear with fitted pants and sneakers, and you will have pulled off the perfect athleisure look using a trademark Adidas hoodie.

Leisure club

A renowned local brand, Leisure club sells an assortment of clothes for men, women, and children. The brand’s products are reliable and well worth their price. The men’s hoodies sold at the leisure club are trendy and stylish. They feature versatile colors in numerous styles. So, a hoodie might feature a solid color, whimsical color blocking, and printed lettering on its front. The leisure club is your go-to brand if you want to purchase contemporary and fashionable hoodies for a reasonable price as opposed to purchasing timeless and classical hoodies from brands such as Nike and Adidas.

Hang ten

Originating from Hong Kong, Hang Ten now sells its clothing products in many South-Asian countries. The quality of the hoodies sold by Hang Ten is up to par. The style of these hoodies is modern and trendy. They may feature stripes on the arms or other fun styles. The hoodies are available in a massive range of colors and the selling price is extremely reasonable.


Breakout has made its mark as the go-to brand for purchasing western wear in Pakistan. So, needless to say, its range of hoodies is quite impressive. The variety is extremely varied; from fun, color-blocked hoodies to solid-colored hoodies with minimal print; there is something available for everyone. When they are worn with the right shoes, belts, and watches, the resulting outfit will be stylish and safe.


Nordstrom is a brand of international acclaim and recognition. You can find and purchase hoodies among its wide assortment of products. Generally, these hoodies have a classic appeal which is always in trend. They usually feature neutral solid colors. However, they may also feature cool designs, printed lettering, stripes, and repetitive prints of some sort in bold and fun colors.