Nail Polish Colour According to Your Skin

When it comes to choosing the best nail polish for different occasions, it’s mandatory to go for one that actually complements your skin tone. Perhaps, you have gone through a handsome range of shades that come and go (seasonally) but reconsider once again. Not all colours are “On Trend” always that exactly match your skin.

There are a wide range of colours that flatter various skin tones. Therefore, it’s important to note that when you go for one and choose any particular nail polish colour for yourself, you should have enough idea about your skin tone.

Shades for Different Skin Tone

  • Tanned Skin Tone

A tanned skin tone shade of nail polish is particularly ideal for those with tanned skin. They are bright enough colours to improve your overall look and complexion. Avoid using neutral colours as they would look similar to your skin. Bright shades such as Pink, Blue and Purple are highly suggested. Don’t apply a gold colour polish on a tanned skin tone but rather it’s a great move to apply a yellow undertone shade.

  • Light Skin Tone

Whether you have a light or a pale skin tone, you’ll need to go for enriching colours to improve your beauty meaningfully. Nail Polishes Price in Australia for light or pale skin tone are very much affordable, ranging between AU$10-50 only. So, if you have a pale or a light skin tone, always choose a colour, i.e., Blue or Pink but avoid using dark shades such as Black, and others. Be noted that dark shades on light skin tone will create a bad contrast which will not appeal to others. Besides, Nudes and Pastels are ideal colours for this type of skin.

  • Fair Skin Tone

Do you have fair skin? If yes then there is good news for you. A woman with fair skin can go through a handsome range of nail polish shades and colours that can easily match with her skin. However, with fair skin, it’s suggested to remove bright colours such as yellow, orange and red as such colours will overpower your fair complexion. Instead, it’s a bold move to apply classy or stylish colours.

  • Dark Skin Tone

Woman with a dark skin tone should definitely apply deep shade or colour nail polish such as dark green, dark red and maroons. One of the best and highly recommended colour for dark skin tone is chocolate brown. Also ignore using light colours such as orange, silver, white or others as they will make your dark skin dull and aged.

  • Olive Skin Tone

The closet result will match either gold or peach for this sort of skin. It can also balance warm and yellow tones with blue and metallic colours. However, you shouldn’t use colours like Marine Blue, Black and Crimson.

With a plethora of colours and shades available online, it’s almost impossible to choose the right one. But there are two major strategies you can use to choose the right one. Either you are the one that leaves the shop with a new bottle and 10 different shades on your fingers or takes the first nail polish you see. In any case, choosing a hue you want can be challenging, particularly if each brand or company provides endless colour choices.

Keep an Eye on Trends

Keeping an eye on the latest trends can be a great move. It’s recommended to pay attention to what’s currently trending. See what’s hot and what’s not. Also, test what’s on the board, but also see how it suits you and your lifestyle and style into numerous other things. However, while fashion trends are incredible, if you don’t feel good with them, you have to follow any trend any further.