ManCapitalGroup Review 2021

If you search online, you will find there to be a lot of information regarding brokerage companies. While there is enough information, the reliability factor varies. As a trader, it is up to you to assess which brokerage company caters to your needs the best. While each one continues to compete in the global market, it is up to you to categorize its respective service features and use them to your advantage.

I realized very early on that the trading world is ever-changing and if you remain stagnant you shall never progress. So, in order to have a successful business, you need to learn to expand your portfolio. Today brokerage firms compete with each other to offer state-of-the-art advanced service features. The global market is available at your fingertips ever since these firms have taken their operations online.

These online servers are optimized with the best technological features to make your trading conditions more efficient. I have been in the trading industry for a little over seven years now. I have seen the market progress to becoming what it is today and ever today with each passing day the norms continue to change.

ManCapitalGroup is one platform that I have been associated with for the past year and a half. Being an experienced member of the industry, I am quite particular with my trading sessions and like to select platforms that offer me a broader scope for the integration of trade strategies. Nevertheless, this platform seemed to fit the bill quite well since I have been a satisfied customer.

I chose to evaluate its features with an unbiased approach so as to give traders the opportunity to know the platform from secondhand experience.

The layout of the Server

ManCapitalGroup has a pretty simple-to-use interface. When I access the site, the main page pops out very smoothly. I found the execution of the platform also very fast though at times it did slow down I guess that was due to heavy traffic. The first thing notices about the interface of this platform is that the broker has gone for minimum pages and maximum information. That means new traders will have no issue trying to navigate their way through the platform.

Today it is important to have an easy-to-operate and manage platform because more young traders are taking interest in trading and for that, a well-thought-out platform is very necessary. ManCapitalGroup in my opinion has done a good job in keeping the platform away from all the complexities.

On the page, I observed that everything is presented in a way that it is very easy to get to any particular feature of the website. For example, the minimum pages are Education Center, Account Types, Trading platform, and Info. One is only a click away from those pages, as everything is very effortlessly accessible. One thing that I would point out here is that they have a very dark theme and sometimes it just dulls the view.

I guess they could work on getting more colour to their site and make things pop out. I believe those beginner-level traders will enjoy this kind of platform which is more inviting and operating trading analysis and just navigating through their site is not difficult at all. Once I got to browse the platform the next time, I did not have any trouble in finding my way to get to a certain place.

Security Regulations

If you are not familiar with and new to the trading game, then this section is the most important to put your focus on. Security regulations are very important to locate when trying to settle on a trading platform. My goal was to look for a platform that would hold and apply all security regulations so I would have to worry about my personal information and most importantly my funds. ManCapitalGroup has many policies in place to make sure the clients are safe.

If you scroll to the end of the main page you will notice that they have presented all the security details i.e., policies, regulations, and terms and conditions openly presented to the visitor. The thing about this particular feature I like is the fact that the broker is not trying to hide anything from the visitor; instead, it is presenting all its regulations beforehand for people to understand how critical security regulations are.

Now there is certain regulation that I will discuss here, for instance, the KYC (know your customer) policy. It is the absolute best policy to make sure that no fraud can occur on the platform. This policy basically ensures that clients are all verified on the platform and it may require the members to provide some personal information to the platform, for example, their ID cards authorized by the government, driver’s license, or some other document to make sure the identity of the client. So, when you make your withdrawal or deposits you do not face any trouble, nor you will have any worry regarding fraud since the verification makes sure that no one else can access your account.

KYC policy

I know that the KYC policy is very useful for both the platform and the clients, but it takes considerable time to process. I hope the platform is working on this to make the process faster. The rigid confirmation measure by ManCapitalGroup helps set up the security conventions. Customers are very much aware of the terms and conditions for trading on this platform as they can get to this data by looking down to the Legal area from the fundamental page itself.

You will see that there is a disclaimer present toward the end of the main page, which is to guarantee that clients know about the dangers of internet trading even with Contract for Differences (CFD). All things considered; the platform screens all trades to guarantee smooth trade procedure on all records.

Smart, Technologically Advanced Tools

I discover the chart to be the most fundamental instrument on online trading platforms as they help you make trade reports rapidly. The current situation of the market can be assessed through this chart and enhance the chances of making accurate profits. You can set the kind of chart to your liking that makes the analysis more comfortable for you. ManCapitalGroup offers a complete customizable chart and holds 5 different chart types.

I for one lean toward the line chart as I think that it’s simpler to decipher. Other than that, the chart has alternatives to zoom in and out from its custom setting board. You can signal individual positions utilizing chart pointers. I would have appreciated had they offered more reach intones in the indicators, for I felt the vast majority of them meshed with one another, making them difficult to differentiate on occasion.

The platform knows very well how to incorporate the instruments very well, and they are not difficult to utilize. New traders would value more educational tools to help control their way through this platform. I found the design of the tools one of a kind in contrast with other trading platforms that I have utilized before.

Education Center

For new traders, I think education is more important. This is where I think the platform lacks a note. Even though they provide eBooks, complete FAQs, glossary, and even asset index. I think the platform needs to constantly upgrade its eBooks and add in more new market news articles. More amazing features are available to members of the platform who depending on their account types receive webinars that are monthly/week/complete access.

Along with that some clients even receive private sessions with account managers. Once you become a member you will feel like that platform has got you covered with educational material. You will not feel out of place or not informed about the market changes.

eBooks do offer a wide range of subjects for both the new traders and the experienced traders. It is important to know the trading strategies as they always change with the change in the market. And one needs to stay aware of them also. This platform does a good job of keeping everyone up to date and even helping out with trading via their account managers. For new traders, I think they will benefit the most from the platform and learn to be great traders.

Final thoughts

ManCapitalGroup seems to be a very considerate platform. I have been a member of this platform for some time and I have had a great experience. I believe that this platform could a little more but so far, they are headed in the right direction. The customer service is commendable on this platform, but the email service can be a bit delayed. Phone service is not available to everyone.

Overall, the live chat is the best option for you to get the solution. You are looking for in an instant from the best representatives who have considerable experience in trading. ManCapitalGroup is really amicable for a new trader to start their venture with good education and a smooth platform. That will help them learn how to trade with the best charts and tools available.