iPhone 12 phone

Although the pandemic has slowed down and various things might have stopped in 2020 but the tech world didn’t stay back. Smartphone companies get introducing and pumping out a bunch of really stellar smartphones in the marketplace. Companies like Samsung and Apple have also taken part in this race. Rumors have it that Samsung Galaxy S21 is going to be the big release. There is news as well that Samsung is finishing its Note series. Samsung has announced that the audience will be able to see some really amazing designs. So if you are plotting an upgrade anytime this year, here is a list of the big phones that are rumored to be out this year. Apart from this, you will have to stay tuned and keep looking for new entries and information over the course of the year to see if there are any other upgrades.


Although the iPhone 12 is not old yet, there have already been several leaks and rumors about iPhone 13. People know what to expect and there has been news circulating all around the marketplace. According to the existing rumors, the iPhone 13 May feature a small notch which was supposed to be in the iPhone X. There has also been news about a grippier matte background but it is only going to be for the pro models.

However, neither of this news is confirmed. The sensor-shift optical image stabilization is also going to be extended in the iPhone 13 which is supposed to come with an improved ultra-wide camera and added astrophotography smarts. It is also more than the 120 Hertz screen refresh rate is going to be in iPhone 13 because it didn’t make the cut on the iPhone 12. There has also been a talk of a 1TB storage option but let’s see how it comes out.


There has been news about Huawei launching its new P series model this spring. The concept renders haven’t shown any details but people are suspecting that they will add one more camera. As there were four cameras in the P40 pro so just having two on the P50 pro would be very surprising. There is also going to be a processor update but everything is ambiguous right now and people are just hoping for the best.


With the launch of the previous smartphone repair of Google, things got a bit confusing. There have been several similarities that the audience observed in the latest launched smartphones. Rumors are that things will get more perplexing with the launch of Google pixel 5A.

The concept renders haven’t leaked any such amazing news that the audience can expect but due to the latest three-pixel smartphones, leaks are suggesting that this smartphone is going to be an incremental rollout with a bit more power only.


Samsung Galaxy Z Fold 3 is going to be the most eye capturing smartphone if it gets launched. It will come with the S Pen stylus with a super luxe look. It will be a huge, tablet-sized screen and the surface is going to be excellent for on-the-go work needs. Some companies have created concept renders which suggests that there is going to be an under-display camera. The design is also going to be pretty capturing according to the concept renders. Samsung will release more affordable link smartphones later in the year 2021. People are surely hoping for modest specs and amazing features in this flagship smartphone.


Xiaomi Has also confirmed that the rumors that have been scattered out are somewhat true. The Xiaomi Mi 11 will have an additional 1.1 screen on the rear of the phone. Plus a far-reaching 120x camera zoom. The Mi 11 Ultra will also have the fastest charging we’ve seen on any smartphone. Along with a 6.8 AMOLED main display, and one helluva camera bump.

There is going to be a 50 megapixels main camera, joined by a 48MP ultra-wide camera, plus a 48MP telephoto camera that will offer 10x optical zoom and a whopping 120x digital zoom. Xiaomi claims that it is also going to be capable of 8K video recording. There is also going to be a 20MP selfie camera too. Some of the other confirmed specs include a 5000mAh battery and it charges 67W. Both wired and wireless, plus reverse charging is on board. The sound is going to be amazing and the processor will be a Snapdragon 888 processor.


These are some of the flagship smartphones that are going to be launched in the year 2021 or later. People are really excited and thrilled about the smartphones and amazing features they will have to offer.