Investment Apps Transforming Society

The investment in the stock markets is not a pain anymore. If you had a financial advisor, it would be much better to spend an hour on your smartphone and wait for the stock report.

We are lucky to have fantastic investment choices available like IMOS stock, which is a company that researches, develops, manufactures, and sells high integration and high precision integrated circuits. You can maintain your portfolio’s performance and do money trade and export by sitting in your home without even talking to any human being when you use an app. Here are some best investment apps that are changing our thoughts about buying and selling our stocks.

Robinhood Investment App

It is the most simple and commission-free investment app. The investors have the option to trade any stocks, whether they are US exchange-listed stocks, mutual funds, EFTs, and another cryptocurrency, without any commission. However, you must have at least $25,000 in your account to use some of their services for day trading and other means of options trading.

To access more extensive and instant deposits, the user can upgrade their account to RobinHood Gold for a 30-day free trial and then five dollars a month which is a relatively small amount for investors. In addition, the design of the mobile app is very easy to navigate and makes it accessible to more people new to investing. This year, through the power of social media, we have had an increase of young investors using Robinhood to invest in multiple stocks.

Acorns Investment App

Acorns are one of the most easily approachable apps for investors. You require only a few cents to build your stake in the market. It is also termed the micro-investment app. It helps you to choose between Hands-On vs. Hands-Off Investments.

The app’s portfolio is built around the modern portfolio theory, which helps the investors achieve maximum returns on their stocks. The Acorns lite offers one dollar per month for a brokerage account, and you must have five dollars minimum in your account to start investing. Similarly, there are other acorn personal and acorn family plans.

Ellevest Investment App

Ellevest has an objective to motivate investors to reach their investment goals. There are consultants and advisors to advise you about membership plans for any of your goals. Whether you plan a family, look to own a house, retiring on time, or any other goal, they rebalance and regularly update your performance forecast. Their membership fee is ranging from one dollar to nine dollars per month according to the membership plan. The Ellevest app does have some limitations, but this can be used as motivation for making more informed decisions regarding what makes sense going forward in life.

E-Trade Investment App

It is an investment app overall both for seasoned investors and beginners. It is a one-stop shop where you can invest. In 2019, it had omitted ETF trading fees and had no transaction funds. In E-Trade, you will have recommended portfolio of ETFs if you share all information. You will need at least $500 to start investing. Another incredible asset this app and brokerage provides is the ability to convert the currency of each stock and trade. This allows people from different countries to exchange the rate and currency to allows for a more flexible option and transition while trading.

SoFi Investment App

If you use the SoFi Investment app, you don’t have to pay any stock or trade fee to invest your money. You will start investing your money when you have one dollar and select your portfolio. Through this app, you don’t have to rebalance your portfolio. SoFi will manage it. It includes both individual and joint brokerage accounts

Fidelity Go Investment App

This brokerage is easy to understand and navigate for new investors. Experts select a portfolio for you after you mention your goals, level of risk, and time details. To start investing through this app, you should only have $10. This app also rebalances your portfolio after regular time intervals. In this, you can also change your investing plan at any time