My review will show you how this broker is designed for both advanced and beginning investors, Carter-Williams provided me with just about every trading tool adoption I could think of. The platform is very well designed and executed. I went through the entire platform and tested every service and now since I have had time to trade with the broker, I have a considerable amount of experience and insight to give a detailed review on Carter-Williams.

These incorporate low commission costs, low edge rate, and instruments that can fill in intricacy as you fill in trading experience. It’s effectively the best CFD trading platform generally for long-haul use and potential.


  • Trading programming covers all that you can envision.
  • Provides ample insightful instruments for market choices and your portfolio.
  • Low fee in all cases.
  • A huge number of tradable securities.
  • The trading platform is simple and easy to understand.
  • Free and membership-based analysis.


  • Slow email customer service.
  • Less education material.

Carter-Williams offers an online trading platform expansion to all active brokers. The high-level platform doesn’t have any charges or extra costs related to it and has no qualification prerequisites. Therefore, I was attracted to it the most and wanted to know more about the platform.

Indeed, even the essential online arrangement is decent for new traders, however, they offer lesser education material. It offers the usefulness you’d expect, with charting tools, and the capacity to trade stocks, ETFs, indices, and alternatives directly from the website. There is no demo account associated but the most basic account has the best features for new traders to get started with. I would prefer that new traders start with the basic account type so they can learn a little bit about everything that the platform is offering. Sometimes it can seem like the platform is too innovative, but I knew that it would take my time and explore the services, tools, and charts thoroughly. I would get the hang of it. So, new traders don’t have luck with this broker. On top of that, you can always contact customer service anytime.

Key Information:

Assets: Stocks, Commodities, Forex, Indices, and Cryptocurrencies

Chart & Tools: Yes – Free Trading Alerts

Policies: KYC, Bonus, Privacy, etc.

Education: Yes

Trading Platform

I found the overall design of the Carter-Williams platform to be current and simple to utilize. It is made out of a rundown of markers on the left side, a focal intelligent chart, and a trading tab on the right.

On the left side of the trading window, you will have to pick between CFD/FOREX and paired choices trading. Numerous traders will appreciate having the option to change from one to the next in a single snap as most representatives don’t acknowledge both.

By perusing the asset choice page, I went to look over an enormous assortment of securities including indices, stocks, cryptos, and above all, monetary forms in general. The most famous indicator of the site is EUR/USD exchange rate.

For me, the chart is very innovative and fun to use while trading. It shows ongoing monetary information. It tends to be effectively flipped from tick to candles and the other way around. Because of the consideration of savvy guides, traders can investigate information rapidly, with minute exactness. The chart likewise shows the continuous extent of brokers trading a “call” or a “put” alternative, no better method to get a “vibe” of the market.

As I said the chart is very interesting to explore and once, I knew what everything functioned as I loved analyzing my trades with the help of the integrated tools. Then again, it might seem intimidating but the whole process of familiarizing myself with the chart took me less time than I expected.

The trading tab on the page is clear and natural. It is exceptionally simple to set all the parameters of alternatives before trading.

The trading platform proficiency isn’t restricted to putting trades. As analysis is a critical segment of trade, especially for new traders, the site likewise gives clients monetary and specialized material to get as much information as possible, accessible in the toolbar of the trading platform. By investigating general patterns, I was able to figure out how to all more likely anticipate future results and make more benefit…

Assets and Trade Types

CFD/FOREX specialists will likewise appreciate having the option to trade these instruments, just with the snap of a click. With CFDs, you will essentially need to choose a sum and submit the request…

What would you be able to Trade at Carter-Williams?

Carter-Williams is a multi-asset broker that gives you admittance to more than 180 monetary instruments. As the name proposes, this incorporates a completely fledged forex trading platform.

This incorporates most majors and minors, and a broad selection of fascinating sets. This implies that you can trade arising monetary forms, for example, the South African rand (ZAR), Turkish lira (TRY), and the Mexican peso (MXN). There are more options and that is likely the reason my attraction to the platform grew even more. Although there were lesser Indices, I found myself investing more in forex anyways.

On top of forex, you can likewise trade:


If you need to theorize on the future estimation of digital currencies, Carter-Williams has you covered.

This incorporates fiat-to-crypto combines, for example, BTC/USD, ETH/USD, and XRP/USD. You can likewise trade crypto-cross sets –, for example, ZEC/BTC, XRP/BIT, and NEO/BTC.


Carter-Williams likewise offers a selection of stock CFDs. This covers the absolute biggest organizations on the NASDAQ and NYSE.

For instance, I could enter buy and sell positions on Amazon, Apple, Facebook, IBM, Tesla, and then some. Not at all like conventional offer managing administrations, stock CFDs allowed me to go both long and short.


Here I thought the broker lacked a bit. Indices are extraordinary for guessing on the more extensive securities trades. At Carter-Williams, you can only trade 11 Indices.


You can likewise trade various items on the platform. This covers hard metals like gold and silver, as well as energies, for example, oil and natural gas.

With everything taken into account, I think Carter-Williams offers an extensive rundown of assets that should suit most online traders.

Instructions to Place A Trade at Carter-Williams

  • Choose your asset or market.
  • Also, Choose a trade size and leverage figure you are all right with
  • Choose the course of the price (“Buy” if you figure costs will rise, “Sell” if you figure they will fall.)


The most important thing that I look for in a trading platform is an innovative chart. The trading charts on the platform that I mostly use are Line or Candlestick design. The thing I don’t like about the chart is that I wish they would offer more chart types. You may likewise pick among the accompanying timestamp time spans 1, 5, 15, 30, an hour, and 4 hours, Daily, Weekly, and Monthly.

Various indicators that can be straightforwardly embedded to your charts are:

  • Moving Averages
  • RSI
  • Bollinger Bands
  • ATR
  • MACD
  • Fibonacci Retracements.

The platform for Forex trading anyway is good for beginners and is considerably more progressed.

Trading Software and Features

Carter-Williams Payouts

Payouts will shift depending on the presentation of the hidden asset, and the leverage utilized (assuming any).

Asset Index

The rundown of assets with Carter-Williams has been extended fundamentally since the transition to Forex and CFDs as it were. There is a full scope of significant monetary forms and commodities, in addition to the well-known cryptos. I believe Carter-Williams lingers behind some bigger adversaries with regards to asset list profundity, however, it is as yet developing.

Client Assistance

Live chat is accessible in English only and that is something I don’t like about the broker. I believe in this regard a lot of traders would be unable to trade with the platform only because of the language barrier. To get to live chat, you need an email address and a username. Support is likewise accessible through email, and phone. Again, only English dialect is used via phone and email. Even though they respond very quickly yet the factor of the language barrier for me personally still stands.

Free Signals

Carter-Williams offers customers free trading alarms. Notwithstanding the trade directions, the signals likewise express an objective section point and exit point. This assists brokers with timing the market all the more precisely and shows rapidly if the signal has just moved. The trading alerts are free assistance. I think it is a great tool for beginners in the trading scene.

Terms and Conditions

My typical advice applies here especially towards the new traders – read the terms and conditions completely. I found a few things to feature:

What I found more reassuring about this platform is that as I was signing up to make my account, just before completing the process the broker asked me to read all the security details and agree to them. It included the KYC aka “know you customer” policy. I know that a lot of people tend to not go through the terms and conditions but everyone and especially the new trader needs to realize that it is very important to know the security details that protect you and your funds. No doubt that Carter-Williams is amazing with making sure that the traders know everything about the broker’s policies.


Carter-Williams as of late extended their rundown of deposit and withdrawal strategies. Their point was to permit more clients to have the option to transfer money utilizing the most natural assistance to them. As of now the platform offers options that most people are familiar with. I did not have any issues with the payment methods, and it was frankly quite simple and easy.

Carter-Williams Review – Conclusion

I think Carter-Williams is a decent platform for new traders and even experienced traders. Although the platform could improve a few things here and there for now I think they are on the right track to become more successful. I will however say that the education material, Indices options, and more dialect for the platform would be very beneficial if the broker can work on them.