iPhone 12 camera

As Apple launches its new handsets every year, The smartphones come with new high-quality cameras. Now Apple is done playing with the hardware catches up to counter its Android rivals. The better selfie camera and wide-angle lenses make iPhone models very competitive than all other smartphones. These amazing camera features can be attributed to Apple’s great camera software. People have been confused about the strengths of an iPhone camera. The truth is that it was never in the hardware but always in the tools and automatic adjustments that made the phone enhance its photos up to a professional level. It has been observed that pictures from an iPhone repair can still surprise with their quality when they are compared with cameras as they are really good. Here is a brief look at how you can make the best use of your iPhone 12 camera.

iPhone 12 and iPhone 12 Pro difference

When we talk about differences, the biggest one is the number of camera lenses on both these smartphones. The iPhone 12 has two cameras on the back and one selfie camera on the front whereas iPhone 12 pro has three cameras on the back and one selfie camera.

Both these models have upgraded their lenses that are the reason for better color quality and nighttime photography.  They come with an additional telephoto lens which is responsible for improving the photo quality when you zoom in. There is also a LiDAR sensor that improves dim portraits and shutter speeds. You should opt for the pro model if you want to go for portable photography and cinematography.

Set up your camera

One can set up the iPhone camera before taking photos so the focus is on the picture instead of just fiddling around with the settings. It is always good to set your camera up and lock it so that you do not have to make any auto adjustments. There is a bottom row of features that you can set before taking the photo. You can choose whatever you want to do Chrome turning the flash on to what size you want your photo to be, the level of zoom, or a timer. You can also adjust or lock the exposure settings and set up a filter if you want to.

Take advantage of ‘portrait mode’

Portrait mode is one of the more that you can use to make the pictures more needed and focus squarely on the subject only while blurring the background. it creates a depth of field effect in your picture focusing more on the natural lighting. In the upgraded models this mode works for both the front and back cameras so your selfies can also have the depth of field look.

Use ‘night mode’ to brighten up nighttime pics

Night mode is an amazing feature and it is also the key to take amazing player photos in dim lighting. This is an automatic setting that pops up when your camera detects low light in any area. It is available on all cameras including front and back so you can take some midnight selfies as well.

Play around with filters and editing tools

The camera has amazing software which automatically adjusts the sharpness, color, and contrast of your photos to make them amazing. However, you can always play around with the filters and editing tools in your smartphone to make your photos more amazing and look them the way you want. You can add warm colors over the image or put a spotlight on the subject and have fun mixing and matching different things by using the editing tools.

These are some of the amazing features that are available in both iPhone 12 and 12 pro making Apple stand out as always. You can follow these steps and take popping photos from your iPhone and you will not have to worry about pictures being professional because it’s camera will do that for you.