Revolutionizing Industrial Infrared Heating

Boostercat is a groundbreaking innovation in the realm of industrial infrared heating. Manufactured by Infragas, a leading company specializing in infrared products, Boostercat combines catalytic technology with an integrated ventilation system or a forced air system to deliver exceptional heating performance.

With its advanced features and capabilities, it is revolutionizing the way industrial heating processes are conducted.

In industrial settings where precise and efficient heating is essential, this IR catalytic emitter emerges as a reliable and versatile solution. By harnessing the power of catalytic oxidation and infrared energy, it offers unparalleled heating efficiency and safety. It presents a dynamic heating solution that caters to a wide range of applications, ensuring optimal performance across various industries.

As the demand for reliable and energy-efficient heating solutions continues to grow, Boostercat is positioned as a game-changer. Its cutting-edge technology sets new standards in industrial infrared heating, providing significant advantages over traditional heating systems.

Whether it’s for heating large spaces, process applications, or specific industry requirements, this IR panel stands at the forefront of innovation, offering precise control and exceptional performance.

In the following sections, we will delve deeper into the technology behind Boostercat, explore its remarkable features and specifications, and discuss the larger mission of Infragas. By the end of this article, you will have a comprehensive understanding of this emitter’s significance and its potential to transform industrial heating processes.

The Technology Behind Boostercat

This industrial infrared oven operates on the principle of combining catalytic oxidation and infrared energy, forming the backbone of its innovative heating capabilities. Understanding the key components of Boostercat’s technology sheds light on why it is so effective.

  • Catalytic Oxidation: the panel harnesses the power of catalytic oxidation to generate heat efficiently. It employs a catalytic process where a catalyst material initiates the oxidation reaction between the fuel source and oxygen present in the surrounding air. This controlled oxidation process converts the fuel into heat energy, resulting in highly efficient and clean combustion. Catalytic oxidation significantly reduces emissions of harmful byproducts, making Boostercat an environmentally friendly heating solution.
  • Infrared Energy: In addition to catalytic oxidation, the emitter utilizes infrared energy as a primary heat transfer mechanism. Infrared radiation is a form of electromagnetic radiation that lies within the invisible spectrum beyond the red end of the visible light spectrum. Boostercat’s infrared emitters generate and emit infrared radiation, which efficiently transfers heat energy to the objects and surfaces in its vicinity.

Unlike traditional heating systems that rely on convection to distribute heat through the surrounding air, the panel’s infrared energy directly warms objects and surfaces within its reach. This direct transfer of heat results in rapid and uniform heating, minimizing heat loss and improving energy efficiency. Furthermore, Boostercat’s infrared heating offers precise control over temperature modulation, enabling tailored heating solutions for specific industrial applications.

The combination of catalytic oxidation and infrared energy sets this emitter apart from conventional heating systems. This synergy allows it to deliver remarkable performance in terms of efficiency, reliability, and environmental impact.

By leveraging these advanced technologies, Boostercat maximizes heat transfer efficiency while minimizing energy consumption, providing an innovative heating solution that meets the evolving needs of industrial processes.

Features and Specifications

Boostercat is distinguished by a range of features and specifications that make it a superior choice for industrial infrared heating. Let’s explore the key attributes that set this panel apart from traditional heating systems.

Integrated Ventilation System

Boostercat incorporates an integrated ventilation system that plays a crucial role in enhancing both heating efficiency and safety. This system efficiently distributes the heated air, ensuring even heat distribution throughout the targeted space. By optimizing air circulation, the integrated ventilation system minimizes temperature variances, eliminates hotspots, and ensures uniform heating.

Moreover, the ventilation system facilitates the removal of combustion byproducts and maintains a healthy and clean environment. It effectively removes any potentially harmful gasses or particles, contributing to improved air quality and the overall safety of the heating process. The integrated ventilation system is a key feature that enhances the performance and reliability of the emitter in various industrial settings.

Adjustable Surface Temperature Range

Boostercat offers an impressive adjustable surface temperature range, providing flexibility to suit diverse applications. The surface temperature can be modulated precisely within the range of 180°C (365°F) to 650°C (1202°F). This temperature flexibility allows for precise control and customization, accommodating the specific requirements of different industrial processes and materials.

Whether you need lower temperatures for sensitive materials or higher temperatures for rapid heating, Boostercat’s adjustable surface temperature range ensures optimal performance and adaptability.

Power Range and Specific Settings

Boostercat is available in a wide range of power options, catering to various heating needs. The power output of these models ranges from 6kW (5159 kcal/h) to 25kW (21496 kcal/h), providing a suitable solution for small to large-scale industrial applications.

Notably, Boostercat boasts an impressive specific power of 30 kW/m2. This specific power rating signifies the heating capacity per unit area, ensuring efficient and effective heating across the target space. With high specific power, the panel delivers concentrated and intense heat where it is needed, optimizing energy utilization and reducing heating time.


Boostercat has achieved important certifications, attesting to its adherence to stringent safety standards and its suitability for use in potentially explosive atmospheres. These certifications include:

  • ATEX Certification: This certification designates the emitter as explosion-proof and safe for use in potentially explosive environments.
  • CE Marking: This marking ensures compliance with safety standards and indicates its conformity for use in Europe.
  • UKCA Certification: Boostercat is UK Conformity Assessed, replacing the CE marking in England, Wales, and Scotland. This certification affirms its compliance with safety and performance requirements for the UK market.
  • EAC Certification: this technology has obtained EAC certification, meeting the requirements for use within the Eurasian Economic Union.

These certifications underscore Boostercat’s commitment to safety, reliability, and compliance, instilling confidence in its performance and suitability for demanding industrial environments.

Customized Solutions and Dedicated Support

Infragas understands that every industrial heating requirement is unique, and that’s why the company is committed to offering flexible solutions to meet customers’ specific needs. With an emphasis on innovation and adaptability, the Research Department plays a pivotal role in developing tailored solutions using Boostercat’s infrared panels.

This commitment to personalization ensures that customers receive a heating system that aligns perfectly with their specific needs, enhancing efficiency, productivity, and overall operational success.

For those unfamiliar with catalytic technology, the Test Centre offers an opportunity to gain firsthand experience and knowledge. Customers can witness the performance and benefits of Boostercat’s infrared panels through live demonstrations and practical testing. This valuable educational resource allows customers to make informed decisions and fully grasp the potential of these systems for their industrial heating requirements.

The Test Centre also serves as a platform to showcase the versatility and adaptability of Boostercat. By working closely with customers and leveraging the expertise of their Research Department, Infragas ensures that each heating solution is thoroughly tested, validated, and fine-tuned to achieve optimal performance.

Infragas’ commitment to customized solutions and the availability of the Test Centre exemplify their dedication to customer satisfaction. By combining expertise, innovation, and practical collaboration, the company empowers customers to harness the full potential of Boostercat’s infrared heating technology.


Throughout this blog post, we have delved into the remarkable features and capabilities of Boostercat, the one-of-a-kind industrial infrared heating solution manufactured by Infragas. Let’s recap the key points discussed and highlight the pivotal role this emitter plays in revolutionizing industrial heating processes.

Boostercat combines catalytic oxidation and infrared energy, making it a unique and powerful heating technology. The integration of catalytic oxidation ensures efficient and clean combustion, reducing emissions and promoting environmental sustainability.

Infragas goes beyond providing exceptional technology by offering customized solutions and outstanding customer support. They facilitate collaboration and are dedicated to educating customers on the benefits and potential of catalytic technology.

In conclusion, Boostercat represents a significant advancement in industrial infrared heating. Its groundbreaking technology and wide use of industrial applications highlight Infragas’ commitment to delivering high-performing heating solutions.

We encourage you to explore the possibilities offered by these panels for your specific needs, and how it can overhaul your industrial processes and set new standards of excellence.

Contact Infragas today to embark on a journey towards enhanced efficiency, precise control, and exceptional performance.