Fulfilled By Amazon Seller

Since an e-commerce store is so easy to start these days, many people are looking for ways to create their own opportunities for success and start one themselves. While an e-commerce site is an excellent idea for an entrepreneur, there is an easier way that carries less risk and requires less upfront investment.

You can start as an Amazon seller by having your own product manufactured and then sent to an Amazon warehouse. They sell it, pack it, and ship it all for you. This means that you never even have to touch the product that you are selling. You won’t be dealing with returns or need to have your own warehouse.

In this article, we will give you a few tips on how to make sure that you are successful as an FBA seller.

1 – Have great product pictures

One of the biggest mistakes that FBA sellers make is not having enough pictures and the ones that they have are not very good. Amazon has some criteria about how the pictures should be such as that you must make background transparent.

You should make sure that you have pictures taken from just about every angle possible so that people can understand what they are getting. It is also helpful to have something in the picture for scale to get an idea of the size.

2 – Optimize the product page

The pictures are not the only important part of the product page. They are very important but the rest of the page needs to be optimized so that Amazon knows who should see your product when they do a search.

The description needs to be detailed with all the relevant and searchable keywords in there. Use the bullet points well, too. Think of questions that somebody would have about the product. Then, make sure to have the information that they would have a question about right there so they can get an answer as to whether the product is going to be helpful or not.

You can’t just say the product is the best. It is important to use language that helps the visitor to your product page understand that the product is going to solve their problem.

3 – Drive traffic

One of the best things about Amazon is that there are millions of people there shopping every day. This doesn’t mean that you don’t need to send your own traffic to the product page, however.

You should start a blog about the topic or problem your product relates to. For instance, if your product was a septic safe toilet paper, then you would have a blog about plumbing and write several articles around that topic. In those articles, you would insert links to your product on Amazon and make sales that way as well.

You can also leverage a sizable social media following by sending some of your followers to your product page. If they like your content they will surely like your product as well.