SMS Solutions for Your Business

Due to how fast technology has developed over recent years, contacting a friend or loved one can only take a few seconds. With an SMS, sending a quick ‘hello’ or reminder wouldn’t have to take a week or two. It’s fast, reliable, and convenient. Anyone who owns a mobile phone can have access to this service.

However, an SMS doesn’t have to be intimate. Many businesses utilize it to capture their audience’s attention and market the product or service they provide. And it can be a good strategy, given that 7.26 billion or 91.5% of the world’s population own a mobile phone. Reaching customers and potential clients has never been easier.

But while it’s a good strategy, how exactly can it benefit your business? Below are the five advantages that SMS solutions can provide.

Boost Customer Engagement

Providing your customer with an SMS solution will help improve your customer engagement. It will give them a chance to connect to you on a more personal level. In addition, a messaging solution will let you easily send your customers notifications, reminders, or alerts.

If you have a new product or service to launch, you can notify your customer via SMS so that they will be in the loop for any updates about your business. It will also allow you to interact with them more efficiently.

Customers prefer to be updated via SMS in real-time. Statistics show that around 75% of customers would like to be contacted by businesses through SMS, advertisements on mobile apps, or browsing the internet.

Save Money on SMS

Messaging solution is inexpensive, which will help you save a significant amount of money. Furthermore, if you choose a cloud messaging service, you will add more benefits to bulk SMS resulting in a highly cost-efficient option.

Cloud telephony providers provide bulk messaging options through SMS API or their platform. As a result, it allows businesses to get hold of thousands of customers in a few simple steps.

You have to consider that SMS marketing is less expensive than other marketing techniques such as television ads, magazines, mobile ads, or billboards. It means you can allocate the money you can save to other purposes to help you grow your business further.

Improve Market Reach

Developing an advertising campaign necessitates both creativity and vulnerability. However, to develop an efficient advertising campaign, you must assess, measure, and evaluate your options and outcomes.

One marketing metric that can assist you in making intelligent, successful advertising decisions is market reach. And one effective means to fulfill market reach is via SMS solution.

With the increased use of smartphones, the majority of people worldwide own a mobile phone of some kind, making SMS the preferred mode of communication for many enterprises. Moreover, its lack of reliance on the internet makes it an ideal communication tool that businesses can benefit from.

With this, businesses can reach customers at their fingertips, which gives them the advantage of reaching a greater target market.

Quick Response Time

The average time a person responds to an email is 90 minutes. However, some will even respond after a few hours or even days. Meanwhile, people tend to respond to a text message faster with an average of 90 seconds. It is because many people are carrying their smartphones everywhere they go. Therefore, they will likely notice the text message instantly.

You have to consider that not everyone checks their emails from time to time, unlike with text messages. And with SMS, people can respond quickly whenever and wherever.

If you want your customers to respond to your offers quickly, you must look into SMS marketing, which will benefit your business. SMS is not only best for marketing your business. It is also an excellent way to increase the response time of your customer service.

High Open Rates

Mass SMS has higher open rates than calls or emails. Therefore, SMS services greatly benefit all businesses looking for quick and efficient customer service because 98 percent of messages are opened.

While email marketing seems to have clear benefits, it appears that your message is more likely to be received and understood if sent via SMS. The same goes on social media, with only 12% of Facebook posts and 29% of tweets being read.

Remember, people find it difficult to ignore a text message. However, since thousands of posts are published on social media every day, and too many emails are sent daily, people will likely ignore the majority of these messages. Thus, many businesses are now utilizing text message solutions for many purposes, especially when it comes to marketing.

Start Setting up Messaging Solution for Your Business

Now that you know what you can expect from using SMS to market and connect with your customers, you should start setting it up as soon as possible. So, start searching for the best SMS marketing provider to help you achieve your marketing goal in an easy, fast, and affordable way.