Home More Energy Efficient

If you are looking for ideas to improve the energy efficiency of your place, you should be able to address the two basic questions: will these upgrades to your place help you save money, and, will the changes add more value to your home? If the answer is a ‘yes’ to both these questions, it is about time that you upgrade.

Although, you should avoid going for bigger energy conservation upgrades, until and unless inevitable. Energy-efficient upgrades can definitely add value to your place, however, they cannot possibly add much monetary value to your property. It’s like if I update my Spectrum TV packages to add extra channels but if most of my time would be spent outdoors, it would be a waste of money. So, upgrading is a tricky business.

Solar Panel System

Homeowners increasingly seek sustainable energy solutions to reduce their carbon footprint and lower utility bills. One of the most effective methods gaining widespread popularity is harnessing the potential of solar energy systems for residential use. Embracing sustainable energy solutions contributes to a greener planet and offers homeowners significant long-term financial benefits. By investing in home solar systems, individuals can reduce their carbon footprint and lower their electricity bills simultaneously.

These solar power setups are designed to efficiently capture sunlight and convert it into usable electricity, ensuring a constant and reliable source of clean energy. Exploring the myriad benefits of home solar systems, it becomes evident that this eco-conscious choice is a step towards a brighter, sustainable future for our homes and the environment.

So, here are 8 amazing low-budget energy-efficient changes that you can make to your place.

1: Loft Insulation

Do you know that you can save around $130 to $300 per year, just with the help of reasonable roof insulation? Yes, you can. It has been observed that roof insulation of bad quality can be the main reason behind energy wastage.

2: Boiler Upgrade

Inefficient boilers add up hundreds of dollars to your energy bills every year. So, what is the simplest way to save? Upgrading your boiler, obviously! This is going to conserve energy and also pay you back in cash savings.

By upgrading your boiler, you can also reduce the number of carbon emissions from your place. I hope you already know that boilers are responsible for 60% of carbon dioxide emissions in your house if it is heated by gas.

The boiler energy efficiency level varies from A to G. Your boiler is most efficient if it is at the level A. But if it is at the lower side of the scale, you should consider buying a new one to save energy.

3: Door Insulations and Heavy Curtains

Sometimes, the solutions right in front of us are the easiest ones. Covering your windows with heavy curtains can stop the heat from escaping, making it possible for your home to stay warmer for a longer time period.

You can also insulate your doors with easily available stick-on insulation strips. This will block the heat’s way out, and you will save on the bills too.

4: Monitor Your Energy Consumption

You might be unaware of the amount of energy you waste. You can always take the help of an energy monitor to do the calculations for you. You can get one in $30 to $45, but there are few electricity and gas companies that supply them to their customers for free.

You can place it at a visible spot in the house where every member can see it during using different gadgets. Some small gadgets require huge amounts of energy to work, coffee beaters for example, and it can always be a good idea to see it off and on as a reminder.

5: Water-Saving Showerhead

You can also choose a shower against a bath. It is an easy decision because a bath takes a lot more water than a shower. But do you know that you can conserve water by further fitting a water-saving showerhead to your bathroom? Yes, you can!

Power showers can use up to five times more water than a bath during a 15-minute water torrent flow. Fit a water-saving showerhead to save the amount of water that you otherwise waste.

6: Choose a Cheaper Tariff

Finding cheaper energy deals is difficult, but not impossible. You can always switch your tariff plan to a cheaper one, and save on the energy bills big time. All you need to do is a little market research regarding different tariff rates, and choose the one that suits you the best.

7: Get an Eco-Friendly Kettle

We all have those old kettles that have to be filled up to the brim even if we want just a single cup of water. They also use loads of energy while warming up. It is about time that we get rid of them. There are eco-friendly kettles available in the market that use less power to warm up.

And it is not just about kettles. You can also conserve energy by choosing other appliances on the basis of their energy efficiency, like TVs and refrigerators, etc.

8: Cavity Wall Insulation

We have already talked about the cheap door insulation ideas, but what about the walls? Yes, your walls, if not properly insulated, are another big reason behind the lost heat. You can get cavity filling in the walls and save about $100 to $300 per year.

But, cavity wall insulation is expensive. Good news? You can check with your suppliers and find some amazing packages. The other day, as I was running my Spectrum Internet speed test, I came across a great deal. So sometimes all you need to do is do some research.