Digital Nomad in Latin America

Latin America is a diverse region full of different cultures, landscapes, and history. It’s no surprise that thousands of digital nomads have chosen to set up camp in these beautiful countries.

However, before you make the move to any new county, it’s important to familiarise yourself with a few key points. You should consider all potential factors and then decide where you will be most comfortable.

In this blog, we will outline six vital things that all digital nomads should consider before making the move to a Latin American country. Keep reading to find out what they are.

Choose a Landscape You Love

If you’re going to spend a considerable amount of time in one location, you better make sure it will be a landscape that you truly love. Not everyone is cut out for big city living and many can’t stand the thought of living months on end in a rural beach destination.

If you value easy access to amenities like museums and restaurants, you’ll probably be better off living in a city. However, if your idea of a great time involves hiking, surfing, or exploring nature, you should settle for a rural destination.

Find a Safe Destination

Don’t believe everything that you see in the media. Many Latin American countries have a poor reputation because they are stereotyped by the negative news broadcasted by global media outlets. For example, Mexico is often depicted as an unstable nation, but most of their states are completely safe to visit.

We recommend you do your own research and learn what tips you’ll need to ensure you always remain safe. Try to get in touch with other digital nomads who live in the area and ask them about their experience.

Factor in the Cost of Living

Most people assume that moving to a country in Latin America will be much cheaper than living at home. However, you need to factor in the local cost of living. What area do you want to move to? How much is a food shop?

Plus, you’ll need to factor in additional costs, for example visa permits or monthly travel insurance for Colombia. Make a list of all the expenses you expect to encounter and then evaluate whether that country would be a right fit for you.

Check the Internet Speed

Let’s face it. You may dream of living off the grid in a rural area of Guatemala, but as a digital nomad that relies on internet connectivity to make a living, this may not always be an option.

Before you settle on a destination, readjust your expectations. How much internet do you truly need to get the job done? Can you survive a day or two without any Wi-Fi if the network goes down? These are real-life scenarios that may occur during your travel, so it never hurts to be prepared.

Consider Different Accommodation Options

Your first thought may be to browse Airbnb in search of an accommodation that suits your needs. Although this may be convenient, it can also set you back a hefty sum – not to mention, many cities in Latin America have issues with rising rent prices due to platforms like Airbnb.

Evaluate your options carefully. You may find greater companionship by searching for a roommate on local Facebook groups. You can also find houses that are dedicated to co-workers. This is an excellent way to meet others and make friends while prioritising your work.

Research the Language and Culture

As always, you need to remember that you are a guest in another country. This means you should be as respectful as possible, with no expectations. Take your time to research the area and understand what their culture entails. Are there certain behaviours that are unacceptable? What are the local customs?

Similarly, you shouldn’t assume that everyone will simply speak English. Brush up on your basic Spanish skills before you head over to your country of choice. Or, if you’re planning on visiting Brazil, make sure to take some Portuguese lessons before you arrive. Think about what phrases may be useful and try to incorporate these into your travels. Plus, when locals see that you are making an effort, they will be very receptive and welcoming.

Overall, life as a digital nomad in Latin America can be a life-changing experience. You’ll be able to delve into a whole new culture and enjoy everything it has to offer. As we’ve noted, planning ahead is of the essence.

In order to be as productive as possible during your stay, we recommend you take the time to plan accordingly. Whether you opt to explore local cuisines or relax on tropical beaches, we’re sure you’ll find plenty of time to work hard and play hard in Latin America.