Bitcoin Trading made simple for Beginners

Bitcoin trading is a process of buying an asset at a low price and selling it when it rises to a profit mark, similar to every other asset or stock availability. Usually, people choose investments that are purchasing an asset and holding it for a long time. In contrast, some people focus on intraday trading. Which involves buying and selling stocks or currencies on the same day of trading.

Although to predict price movements in the market. A trader or investor should priorly research and study the industry. As a whole and look around the price graphs in particular. Finding success in trading obtains a lot of time. Where money and the efforts to achieve can improve as time passes by, and one can get good at it. (with fundamental & technical analysis)

Things to know when trading in Bitcoin for beginners:

In order to trade in Bitcoin, an investor needs to follow some basic steps –

  1. Open a trading account on the Bitcoin trading platform.
  2. Sign/log in to your Id
  3. Deposit money to your account’s virtual wallet.
  4. Unlock your trading positions. In simple words, start your buying and selling of the assets.

At the beginning of a Bitcoin trading exchange or any other cryptocurrency, there are some features or methods to keep in mind that will help you overcome complications.

Day Trading

Day trading is a method where the investor performs buying and selling of multiple assets on the same day. For example, if a person has purchased an asset at a lower price through the beginning of the day, and the price range of that asset increases by the end of the day. The investor will sell the asset immediately and gain a profit. Day traders spend a lot of time looking at the screen to receive updates every minute.

Swing Trading

In this method, the traders try to take advantage of the natural ‘swing’ of the price cycle. Investors try to spot the beginning of the price movement and hold it for a long time to achieve profit from the trade. Swing traders usually look at a broader view without repeatedly staring at the screen. Instead, they open a position and hold it for a couple of days, weeks, or even months unless they do not receive any beneficial profit.


Scalping is a process that mainly focuses on concise term trading. It is based on the idea that repeatedly making small profits can be beneficial and can reduce the risks, creating an advantage for investors. As a result, Scalpers are granted for making dozens of trades in a single day.

Safeguarding Strategy

A hedging strategy means reducing a trader’s exposure to risk by taking an opposing position to the one trader has already opened. This strategy comes into action when the trader is concerned about the market moving opposite to their prediction. For example, if an investor-owned some of the bitcoins but was anxious about the short-term drop in their purchased value, they could probably open a short position or CFDs. And if the market price of the bitcoin decreases. The profits on their short position may equalize on some or all of the losses on the coins that they have earned.

Executing HODL Strategy

The HODL strategy involves buying and holding Bitcoin. The term HODL is derived from the phrase ‘ hold on for dear life, the term was referred to by a popular trading firm. Although, it is not possible to always buy and hold if there is no positive outlook. When the research and trading plan of the investor does not indicate gains, they should sell their position to receive the remaining profit and limit losses to close their positions automatically.

Trend Trading

Trend trading refers to taking a position that matches the current trend. If the market is in a bullish trend, a trader must go for long-term holdings. And if the market is in a bearish trend, a trader must go for short-term holdings. Supposedly. If the market goes into reverse or slowdowns, the trader should anticipate closing and opening a new position to cope with the emerging trend.

Or else, if you want to get trained under trading experts, here are some handpicked bitcoin trading courses suggested by experts, which will ensure and keep track of your growth in the future.

  1. Bitcoin Investing and Trading |Beginners masterclass by Jason Gandy

This topmost highly-rated course provides the knowledge and strategy to build your trading portfolio as the virtual currency market grows yearly. It doesn’t matter if you are a qualified trader looking to pursue some new technique or strategy or a beginner finding it hard to make your first foothold on Bitcoin or other cryptocurrencies; this masterclass is for all.

  1. Cryptocurrency Trading Cyborg with a User Interface in Python by Vincent Camier

This course will guide you through all the steps, including writing down a Python (a coding language) program for algorithmic trading. It is the perfect example of ‘learning alongside doing’ pedagogy. Rather than only learning theoretical concepts, you will learn essential concepts while creating an actual trading application from API connection to trade management.

  1. Bitcoin trading with Easy Price Action Strategy by Petkov Aleksandrov

Bitcoin has crashed the cryptocurrency market for quite a long time now. With the help of a price action trading strategy, you can learn when to enter the big trend and which Bitcoin is always strong. Price action trading strategy allows the traders to rely on something other than the lagging standards that most people apply. The right moment to enter the market is fundamental in manual trading, with an exact trading system being a must. If you’re interested in delving deeper into Bitcoin trading, you can always find more information on Bitcoin from reputable sources and educational platforms.


If you want to grow and succeed in Bitcoin. You have to invest sufficient time and money to obtain relevant skills, just like any other venture. If you are looking to make a quick income, it’s better to refrain from participating in the first place. It’s nothing like the “easy or fast money” concept that’s referred to in this world; everything takes time to grow and excel in every field. However, it is an excellent trading skill if you want to learn, be it for general knowledge. In the end, these resources and expertise will help you in your future trading journey.