Hosting a Fashion Show

From Milan Fashion Week to Paris Fashion Week, the fashion shows are events the fashionistas await the most. And rightfully so. Apart from giving a sneak peek into what to expect in the upcoming season in the world of fashion, these fashion shows are good socializing events for the fashion gurus.

I just realized that I have used the word ‘fashion’ more times in the last couple of lines than I did in my whole life. Anyway, when a couple of fashion weeks have a lot of hype that surrounds them. And during that week it means that services like afford to disappoint the customers. Because a poor Internet connection means a disappointed customer.

Talking about the fashion shows, have you ever wondered about the amount of time, energy, and effort that goes into bringing a hit show together. Well, if not, then in today’s blog I’ll throw light on the essential things that are needed to host a fashion show.


A fashion show revolves around a theme. For example, the winter/fall collection. Or maybe a fashion show themed around the wedding. It varies and depends. But a theme means that all the designers will have to follow it and introduce a collection that matches it. Themes can also be based upon famous events like Halloween or Christmas. Whatever the case may be, you cannot expect the participating designers to showcase a collection randomly. So, the first essential is the THEME!


Once the theme is agreed upon, it is time to set the budget. Building a budget is very important. Because you need to know the money that is available to you and the amount that you will need as sponsorship. For you to be able to come up with a budget, you will have to keep all the elements in mind. This includes paying for the venue and the helping teams. Apart from that the décor team that you hire and many other people that you will hire need to make it to the list of consideration when you build a budget.


You are not going to host the fashion show in a street, are you? You need a venue for that. The cheaper the better. But if you opt for a venue that is not heavy on your pocket, the chances of you compromising on the many things that should be there are high. Therefore, it is better to opt for a reasonable venue. However, it is not the cost of the venue that you have to consider only. You have to see if the place is large enough to host the number of people you are inviting. You will also need a place for backstage activities. So the venue should be huge enough to cater to all these needs.


Once you get done deciding the basic things, you need to start building a team. The team will include ushers, event managers, and many more people. You will need to hire backstage managers, people to run lighting, music organizers, and a make-up team, to name a few. Apart from that, you need to hire photographers and people who will be responsible for the cleanup. All these people are crucial to the event and its success. Moreover, you will also need a marketing team. How will people get to know about this event? Who will create all the hype around the event? The marketing team. This team is the backbone of the event. Hence, choose wisely.

Revere the Designer’s Vision

This is very important. You have to study the designers a great deal. Research about them, and the collections that they have displayed in the past. Because you need to cater to the ego of the designer. You need to have complete knowledge about his/her past work. This will give you an idea of the décor you need to invest in, the type of models the designer works with, and the backdrop. You need to research all this before you go to meet the women’s clothes designer. Going unprepared will ruin it for you.

Rehearse All that You Can

You need to invest in a good ramp walk choreographer as well. Imagine your outing in all the hard work in organizing a fashion show, and the models not giving their best. Well, models will walk the way the choreographer tells them to. If they fail to walk the way the audience expects them to, the show can be an epic fail. You do not want all your hard work to go down the drain.


PR and marketing go hand in hand. Without hiring a PR company, you won’t be able to get out the word to the people around you. The company should have prior experience when it comes to organizing complex live shows. Because you cannot handle everything on your own. Everything comes down to how well the event was organized. So, let the people who know their work do it.

If you manage to bring all these elements together and host a show, you will garner a lot of appreciation. Remember that fashion-conscious people wait for fashion shows to air. They subscribe to services like Frontier TV packages so that they can opt for channels that air fashion shows. Or they watch them online. But individuals who are crazy about the world of fashion and want to stay updated can tell a good show from a bad one very easily.