Aluminum Extrusion

Aluminum extrusion is quite an interesting process, and it is currently replacing steel in the construction and transport sectors; thanks to its corrosion-resistant and lightweight nature, there is nothing not to love about aluminum. The construction and building sectors are the biggest industries for aluminum extrusion.

Approximately over 50% of the aluminum content in the construction industry is said to be recycled yearly. Its utilization in the construction and building sectors is anticipated to increase window frames, panels, windows, panels, and bridges.

Here are the top four aluminum corner extrusion wholesale suppliers in the world:

JMA Aluminium

Launched in 1993, JMA Aluminium factory is among the best enterprises in the aluminum corner extrusion industry. They incorporate research, sales, production, and design of aluminum alloy industry materials, building profiles, and aluminum windows and doors. Their annual production capacity stands at over 600,000 tons.

Their products are diversly used in transportation, machinery manufacturing, building templates, solar panels, electronic communication and construction, and other sectors.

JMA has fruitfully launched management systems like excellent performance, environment, quality, brand cultivation, and occupational health four years after its inception. This manufacturer has boosted its comprehensive enterprise strength via the successful introduction and consistent improvement.

One of their many awards includes the China Quality Award in 2016.

Zhongwang Holdings Ltd.

Next is another Chinese manufacturer and its branches, the biggest industrial aluminum extrusion material manufacturer and supplier globally and the biggest in Asia. This manufacturer`s major focus is lightweight production in the machinery, equipment, and transportation, and electric power sectors via quality production.

According to their annual report, this group’s revenue in aluminum extrusion made over 8-figure profits.

After over two decades, this manufacturer has established over 90 aluminum extrusion product lines, with an approximate yearly production capability of about 1.5 million tonnes. Additionally, they have installed two larger 225MN extrusion machines. These are the most advanced and largest machines in the globe.

Zhongwang also acquired Aleris Corp. in 2016, which makes them the largest producer in Asia and has smooth access to the American market.


Next on the list of top aluminum corner extrusion wholesale suppliers worldwide is Arconic. They have had their toes in the innovative extrusions sector for quite some time and have built design solutions, including Reynolux, Reynobond, and Kawneer. They also manufacture windows, curtain walls, shutter, railings, doors, and conservatories.

Arconic is the best wholesale supplier in North America, supplying products for the construction and building industries. Besides, they are well-embraced in Europe and a top manufacturer and supplier of aluminum curtain wall systems.


Finally, we will talk about Constellium, a top manufacturer of highly specialized and advanced aluminum extrusion materials, services, and solutions.

They offer various customized aluminum products, including aluminum extrusions, bars and tubes, huge structural extrusions, and hard and soft alloys ideal for use in different situations.

Not only do they supply these products, but they as well support their clientele with service activities, and downstream technology, like technical support, surface treatment, R&D, and machining.  Well, there you go; a list of the four best aluminum corner extrusions wholesale suppliers globally!