Top 5 WordPress plugin

It’s not deniable that around 24% (or a little more) of the web is backed by WordPress and it is indeed one of those things which are sweeping the Internet, literally. And it has been said that the next goal of WordPress is to turn 24% into 50% in a couple of next years – there’s no doubt that it is the entire wrath. So, which WordPress Plugins are the best that will help to give your blog a lot more hype?

Are you one of those looking to start a new blog from scratch or thinking of remodeling it? You need excellent/good and reliable plugins then, which will help you in so many ways. With an extensive amount of plugins out there – in fact countless, which one you should go for? Here you go!


1: Yoast SEO

Do you already know about Yoast SEO? Well, lots of what we’ve heard and know about SEO (search engine optimization) has now been changed but quite a few things won’t ever change and will stay important as well, such as writing an article or creating content which is well-optimized for Google and Bing search.

Before we go any further, do you know how to create well-optimized content? Be mindful that creating content without making mistakes can be of a hassle as you don’t know what you have done wrong or what you have done right.

Perhaps that sounds scary but don’t worry as here is where Yoast SEO Plugin comes into play – aka one of the Best WordPress Plugins in the world on the Internet.

Rather than putting an educated guess if your created content is optimized, let Yoast help you in that way. And if you’re already using Yoast SEO, skip an extra XML sitemap plugins as Yoast has got you covered.

Akismet Logo

2: Akismet

Won’t you love using a plugin which is more than your normal anti-spam tool? Of course, Yes! Though annoying small emails and junk emails that arrive flooding in at every turn aren’t so much fun? Well, spam is irritating almost for everyone (not really for everyone) and spam comments in are indeed irritating of all too.

Akismet is one of those Free WordPress Plugins which is easy to install and start working in a jiffy and saves you from a serious headache. Talking about Akismet capabilities, it’s having an ability to automatically delete all the junk comments even without letting you know. Amazing, right?

woocommerce logo

3: WooCommerce

One of the Top WordPress Plugins, without a shadow of a doubt, is WooCommerce which has now revolutionized eCommerce plugins. Everyone would agree (bloggers only) that creating and running an online shopping store is quite a difficult aspect but WooCommerce made it as easy as humanly possible. Well, you’ll be required to learn and once you’re done, nothing can stop your online store to gain a lot of popularity.

4: Broken Link Checker

Is there anything Google really doesn’t like? Yes! It is all those broken links your website/blog has or will have. If you don’t want your website to be up for the audience worldwide, make sure you’re not on Google then, yes mess up with your links. The broken links are one of the biggest SEO don’ts that’s why Broken Link Checker plugin is handy which helps your blog to be updated with a spot on links, liked by Google very much.

The question arrives, how Broken Link Checker does work? The simple answer is, Broken Link Checker monitors your blog all the time and keeps their eyes on any missing image or broken link. Just install it and you’ll have all the information right in front of you (on your dashboard).

5: Share Button Adder

Every new blogger wants their contents to be out there and an exquisite way in order to do so is by having your audience help you out. Perhaps it sounds very simple and this is the basic plugin but it is definitely important whether you accept or deny as it makes a lot easier for your visitor to share your content on their Facebook accounts, Twitter and all other social media platforms. That’s why Share Button Adder is named WordPress Plugins for Social Media.

Just think for a second, would you like to copy a link, open a new window and log in to your social media account for sharing content? Or you would like clicking on a single button, instead?

Wrapping Up

We have been using listed above WordPress Plugins for years and can say with confidence that all of them have helped us increase our overall website traffic (including generic and direct) not only from Bing and Social Media but from Google, of course. Every mentioned above plugin is quite easy to install and will be working for you with immediate effects. However, if we’ve missed any important plugin you know about and we don’t, drop us a comment below or contact us on Twitter and Facebook.