With the rapidly progressing world, everything is moving at a fast pace. Same is the case with technology. There have been various types of frauds introduced in the market that can hack your devices, steal your mobile phone’s data and much more. Smishing is also one of these technological frauds. These are the texts that are made to look like from a well known place but in reality, try to get something from you. Sometimes it is also done through a call. Fraudsters call you from a premium number and try to get into your details or device.

Spotting a smishing message

It is easy to spot a smishing message if you are a keen observer. However these messages are convincing and can easily trap a lay man. But there are some signs that you need to spot. If you are able to spot such signs, no one could trap you ever.

Spelling mistakes

This is one of the key features of a smishing text. In such texts, there are careless spelling mistakes that let you recognize a fraudster. You have to keep an eye out for such mistakes and errors if you want to stay safe.

Claims that your account’s in danger

People usually receive smishing messages that tell them there is an urgent issue. This issue could be about your account, mobile phone or anything that they want to get into. There will be a clear warning that if you won’t do anything your account will be suspended or blocked. The basic reason behind that is that they want you to get worried and do whatever they say. Some other tactics have also been introduced in the smishing world. They will say you have won a great price so that you can get all excited and do whatever they say. They usually tell you to transfer money. With all these messages and spam calls, the only tip is to run an analysis and see why it is too good. This is how you can stay safe from such things.

What should you do if you get one?

Fraudsters can target anyone ranging from a businessman to a lay-man. If you get a suspicious message like this, do not follow the instructions. A message alone can’t do anything but if you follow the instructions, it might.

Forward it to 7726

What you need to do after receiving such a message is to forward it to 7726 – for free. You will get an automated response after doing that and if they give you any further instructions, you will have to follow them.

Is it genuine?

One of the easiest ways is to check with the company it has come from. They will let you if they have sent the message or not. The only thing you need to be sure about is, to use the contact details given on the official website of  the company. Do not use the number provided in the text.

Don’t click on any links

In case you receive a suspicious message with a link in it, it is strictly advised that you do not open it. Whatever company it is from, get in touch with them and be sure if they have sent it. Just make sure without opening any such thing.

Think about it

Most of the famous companies do not even ask you to share your information. They already have it and if they need anything, they won’t advise you to do any such thing. With the increase of these tech frauds, the companies have made strict policies regarding such things.

Don’t respond

Whatever happens, never respond to such texts. You get targeted when you respond to such things. The best option is to ignore and delete.

What happens if you respond?

Smishing messages are designed to be convincing. If you ever fall victim to them, don’t be hard on yourself and follow these tips:

Change your passwords

Do this as soon as possible for all the accounts that are prone to fraud. Change them for your bank account, google account etc. Get help from a cell phone repair store, if required.

Contact your bank

When something happens like this, you must contact your bank and make them aware about what happened. Their staff will surely let you know what to do about it.

That’s pretty much everything you need to know about smishing. But if you like to know more you can read in detail about it on our online blog.