Technology Innovations

It’s not deniable that technology has the power to do much and it is one of them to change the world. We have the privilege to live in a time when both technology and science can support us, facilitate our lives and rethink our everyday life. The technology that we are used to, already exposed, has made the way to innovate more and certainly has the potential to change our lives even more in this list of current and future technologies. Here’s our list of Technology Innovations of 2019 that are likely to change our lives forever in and beyond the next decade.

Space Tourism

We can fly without trouble in almost every country in the world, but what about seeing the earth from space one day? Space Tourism is one of Technology Innovations taken quite seriously by companies like Virgin Galactic, SpaceX and even Blue Origin Amazon and wishes to bring it into practice and to give us a (very expensive) seat to orbit us on a spacecraft. We will be taken 100 km above sea level on the New Shepard Space Shuttle in Amazon prior to parachuting back to Earth.

Technology Innovations

Lab-Grown Meats

Cows on towers may look a bit funky, but laboratory-grown meat is a real work on. If scientists are able to develop an economical way of producing food in the laboratory, the way we live and eat would change forever. This one of the best Innovations of 2019 will not only reduce the world’s ecological impact but also provides an ethical alternative to meat-eating, which can be enjoyed by many of us.

High-Rise Farms

As the earth’s population increases, living spaces are also shrinking, not just for people, but also for animals and plants on which we rely. A future where technology will have to be developed to permit farmland in unusual locations is reasonable. In the middle of the city, this concept of high-rise farms is not completely out of the world.

Robots in the Workplace and Space

Our list of Technology Innovations of 2019 isn’t completed with robots, of course. Robots of numerous shapes and sizes are already being sent into space by NASA.  This is meaningful as technology advances. Robots need not worry about respiratory oxygen or food to eat and can be packed full of sensors to send data back to earth. The same applies to the workplace. Robots can work harder, more dangerous and duller to save humanity from trouble and risk. Supposedly, they can also be operated faster, more effectively with fewer errors.

The Establishment of Other Planets

We have been havocking Earth for many years and the planet can only endure the destructive nature of mankind for such a long time. We’ll outgrow it one day if we don’t destruct it. Planned to colonize other planets are in progress and Mars is undoubtedly the first calling port. This is, without a doubt, one of the Technology Innovations which is quickly becoming a scientific fact rather than science fiction with technological advances.

Electric and Self-Driving Cars

Electric cars aren’t new especially when it comes to Technology Innovations of 2019. They are only getting better on our roads some time ago. Because batteries last longer, infrastructure in charging stations grow and auto-driving technology is invested heavily, so that it comes sooner than you think.

Tesla has already a complex Automotive driving mode, but car manufacturers hope to let us go hands-free for one day. You won’t have to travel to work for yourself anymore. Take a nap, relax, and let your car do everything for you. Amazing?

Roads Over Rivers

Space is limited and running out quite rapidly – particularly in urban areas. This concept demonstrates a future in which roads and living areas will be moved across the water. When self-driving vehicles will do all their work and will be quick enough, travel through the oceans will no longer be unrealistic.

Robot Butlers

Tasks, tasks and only tasks. It’s unfortunately necessary and boring, but how about robots saving you misery? The robotic vacuum and intelligent home appliances have already begun. More useful, larger robots are emerging as well. We could easily live in a future packed with useful robots that help butlers, chefs or dogs.

Solar Panel Technology

Solar Panels are another one of the Technology Innovations of 2019 – but their potential for the future is enormous. They can now, thanks to Tesla solar roof tiles, not only be hidden in tiles on your home roof but also some companies are developing ways to integrate the tiles into car roofs, where they can power in-car tech and make the battery longer.

Hyperloop (Fast Train)

Another Elon Musk Company Hyperloop which is being constructed in America and is being tested in a high-speed underground transport system. The first scheduled route goes to San Francisco from Los Angeles. scheduled for An alternative route is Washington D.C. from New York. It takes at this time 29 minutes instead of 2 hours 56 minutes. Isn’t it mind-boggling?

Hyperloop underground and subsea trains could revolutionize not only public transportation but also international travel. Imagine being able to ride at the same time between towns from one country to another.

Gesture-Based Computers

Minority Report may have popularized it, but the idea of gesture-based computing is around for some time. It already appeared in many different technologies and for most of the time is almost second nature. How many gestures on our smartphones, tablets and other intelligent devices do we already use daily? It is reasonable to look into a future when we no longer have a mouse or a keyboard to manipulate the data in a virtual space.

Flying Cars

Flying cars are absolutely a part of Innovations of 2019 as to where there will be no space left on roads worldwide, it will not be unreasonable to think we should take to the skies. There are numerous interesting designs for flying cars already showing a realistic possibility for this future.