Tourists Attractions in South Korea

The subtle, colorful place where there are South Korea allures each voyager and explorer to encounter its numerous marvels. You’ll be spoilt for decision when shortlisting spots to visit in South Korea, which offers such an incredible scope of unexplored characteristic locales and urban joys. If you want to make a trip to South Korea to visit awesome destinations then always book your flight ticket with our spirit airline reservations and grab the exotic deals.

There are conventional people towns and swanky urban communities, beautiful islands and stunning normal vistas. You were pondering where to go in South Korea, at that point here is a rundown of our top picks of spots to visit in South Korea, from the well known to the unexplored, from wide-open towns, fabulous Buddhist sanctuaries and royal residences to old posts and cutting edge urban areas.


This noteworthy city, when the otherworldly capital of the Joseon Dynasty, is around an hour and a half via train from Seoul. It’s home to numerous antiquated sanctuaries and places of worship alongside a town. These are found all through Korea, they are saved neighborhoods of antiquated and old homes permitting guests to discover what life resembled in old Korea. A portion of the homes in the towns are open for visits, and others have been made into exhibition halls.

Seoul Tower

Rising very nearly 500 meters over the city, this interchanges and perception tower gives sensational perspectives on the city from its roost in favor of Mount Namsan. A link vehicle whisks you up the side of the mountain to the base of the pinnacle. From here, you can go up in the pinnacle and visit any of four perception decks, one of which is a turning eatery.


You are visiting places in South Korea, at that point not adding this spot to your rundown would be out of line. This second-biggest city of South Korea is known over the world for facilitating Asia’s biggest worldwide film celebration. Busan is a fascinating amalgamation of high rises, grand mountains, lovely seashores, and heavenly Buddhist sanctuaries and among the best places to visit in South Korea.

Among the famous spots to visit in Busan is the Haedong Yonggungsa sanctuary along the coast and the intriguing Jagalchi fish showcase. Foodies can savor the fish spread at the various eateries and appreciate nearby luxuries at the omnipresent road nourishment that slows down.

Gyeongbokgung Palace

Gyeongbokgung Palace was the fundamental lawful habitation of the imperial family during the Joseon Dynasty. Conveying the importance of “a spot where the new lord can appreciate the success of extraordinary endowments,” this was the principal castle worked during the Joseon Dynasty. The royal residence is novel for its huge zone and congruity of structures and is the main castle to have every one of the four significant doors despite everything staying right up ’til today.

Bukchon Hanok Village

Hanok towns, which can be found in a couple of spots in Seoul and around Korea, are living in historical centers. They’re re-established and protected antiquated neighborhoods, some in their unique area and some re-made with oved from somewhere else. They offer guests a chance to not just experience what it resembled to live in a snare, yet also what it resembled to live in Korea 600 years back.

Dadohaehaesang National Park

One of the most delightful traveler goals in South Korea, it is the biggest National Park in Korea, this cut of heaven covers 1700 enormous and little islands and some stone structures. One of the most picturesque and islands is the Cheongsando island considered probably the best spot to visit in South Korea for its dreamlike scenes and moderate city development. Hondo and Heuksando are the other famous islands where you can take a vessel outing to appreciate the mind-boggling characteristic locales. This is one of the top renowned spots to visit in South Korea for your next excursion.

Seoraksan National Park

Like the Yosemite of Korea, this superb common wonderland Korea’s first national park has mountains, lakes, cascades, streams, and miles of climbing trails that permit you to investigate them. The recreation center is known for its common assorted variety, as it has more than 1,500 distinctive creature species and more than 1,000 various types of plants. There are additionally two Buddhist sanctuaries inside the recreation center


Capital of the Gyeonggi area flanking Seoul, Suwon is known for its special Hwaseong Fortress with its monumental stone dividers and great passages. Worked by the Joseon administration the strongholds divider is a UNESCO world legacy site with four pagoda-style entryways, mounted guns towers, and perception decks. Another superb structure at the site is the Hwaseong Haenggung Palace. Getting any kind of additional information then you can also visit our official site of Alaska airlines customer service phone number. With all that stated, remember to enjoy shopping in Suwon. With a lot of additionally energizing activities, Suwon is one of the top spots to visit in South Korea.