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The agile development strategy has created a revolution in the way the projects were earlier managed. The traditional project management methods like Waterfall are lagging from the agile development strategy and thus not gaining encouraging feedback from the companies.

Software Outsourcing and Agile Development

Companies are gradually realizing the benefits of outsourcing software development for the sake of development. It may seem to you that software outsourcing and agile development have no relationship at all but a few points written below may prove you wrong.

  • Reduced long-term cost
  • Better accuracy
  • Efficiency
  • Competitive advantage

These four points are proof that software outsourcing can help in agile development.

Benefits of Using Agile Methods

The top priority of the Agile method is that the customer can get the valuable software quickly with satisfaction. Scrum, Extreme Programming, Crystal are some of the frameworks that are being used in Agile Methods.

In comparison to waterfall project management, the Agile method even allows late development in the project.

These are the benefits of using the Agile methodology that you cannot get even with the waterfall project management.

The 3 Values of Agile Development

The Agile methodology runs on three values. You can have a look at them.

Interaction and Communication

On a priority basis, you can communicate with the software developers. An all-time interaction and communication system is very important for new ideas.

Open Collaboration

Agile development works on open collaboration. The collaboration allows flexibility during the working process.

Less Documentation

Excessive documentation often slows down the non-agile development process. Less documentation can swiftly execute the work process of agile development.

These are the three values that are associated with the agile development process.

Tips for Combining Agile Development with Outsourcing Software

The three tips that can help you in combining agile and outsourcing software development.

Hiring Outsourcing Partner

While hiring an outsourcing partner for software development, the first point to consider is the experience of the outsourcing software developer. Along with the experience, the company culture, certificates and accolades are the other important factors.

Focused Teamwork

There is much requirement of focused teamwork than individual capacity while there is a collaboration between agile and outsourcing software. Along with flexibility and the right attitude, focused teamwork is the key to creating a successful collaboration between agile and outsourcing software development.

Use Latest Industry Tools

Unit testing at every time is the prime focus of agile development. So, using key tools are always necessary while you are seeking collaboration between agile and outsourcing software development.

These are the three tips that you should keep in mind while you are making collaboration between agile and outsourcing software development.

Final Words

While selecting an outsourcing software developer be sure you have consulted an experienced person who has much knowledge about agile methodology. There is one important matter that is associated with an agile methodology which not to forget is to be personally involved with the outsourcing software development process.