List of Business Names

Looking for a business name for your company? If so, you may have noticed how difficult it can be to come up with a good name. Unfortunately, a lot of the best business name ideas may already be taken. If so, you may not be able to use the name due to copyright and trademark issues. It’s smart to generate a list of Business Names with services like Namify and then figure out which ones are original, distinct, and best portray your company.

Let’s consider some of the most important factors to consider when you’re generating a list of business names.

First, Make Sure The Names Are Unique

You need a unique business name. Otherwise, you could end up sending customers to your competitors. If you run John’s Pub and another person runs John’s Bar, customers may not be able to distinguish between the two. As a result, customers looking for your “Pub” may end up at the other “Bar.”

Names are vital for branding and branding is essential for attracting patrons and customers. For many people, your name will offer the first impression. Because of this, you want to make sure that your name is unique and attractive. Otherwise, you’d be making a bad first impression.

There are also copyright and trademark issues to consider. You can’t simply copy another business’s name as that’d be infringing on their rights. However, trademark law is a bit complicated and in many cases you can use similar names to other organizations.

Your Name Should Explain What Your Business Does

If you run a bar, it’s smart to mention that in the name. You can use other names than bars, of course. You might call it a saloon, pub, watering hole, so on and so forth. Either way, including a brief description of what your business does is wise. Why? Because you can instantly tell your customers specifically “what” you do.

Descriptions can help with marketing. Let’s say you’re walking around in downtown Chicago, New York, or wherever. You want to grab a drink, so you pull out your phone and type in “bar in Chicago” (or whatever other city you’re in). If there’s a “John’s Bar” nearby, there’s a good chance that the search engine will show John’s Bar to you. Further, as soon as the customer sees “John’s Bar” they already know it’s what they’re looking for.

Other Factors to Consider While Putting Together a List of Business Names

Many other factors go into putting together a list of business names. You should closely consider social media handles and website names, for example. If and are taken, you might want to consider other names. might be taken, for example, but might be open. These days, good domain names are vital. The old mantra “location, location, location” remains true in the digital world, and a good domain can be as valuable as a corner spot on Main Street.

It’s smart to use services like Namify to generate a large list of business name ideas and to then hone the list down. You want to pick unique names that offer good branding and will grab the attention of your audience.