Horizon Forbidden West

Horizon Forbidden West is probably the first game of its kind to incorporate nature with synthetic advancements so seamlessly. Being a direct sequel to the first game; Horizon Forbidden West Zero Dawn, the game improves upon many of the core features that propelled the game into becoming a top seller for Sony. One can only thank the developers at Horizon’s parent company, Guerilla Games for sticking to the saying, “If it ain’t broke, don’t fix it.”

Because the game is so rich with HD textures, characters, and robots and has an expansive land that churns out machines by the dozens, it’s a given that the overall game file for HFW is going to be quite hefty. Stampeding in at about 80 GB worth of data, Forbidden West has quite a big footprint to download. For that reason, we’d recommend hooking yourself up with an internet that can provide fast download speeds so you can get into the richness of the game quicker, and with less headaches. Consider hooking yourself up with AT&T Fiber Internet and witness just how good one of America’s leading telecommunications providers can be.

By introducing a bunch of new weapons as well as refreshing some old ones, Forbidden West is a testament to futuristic dystopian worlds and most of all, to headstrong female protagonists. Aloy continues fighting the good fight to restore balance to her world and finding out what more secrets lie in the wake of her path. All while riding, fighting, and taming new mechanical beasts. Speaking of the beasts, we’re here today to list some of the best ones we’ve encountered personally while playing the game.

Look out for the ones we list below so you can get foraging on juicy loot!


One of the first machines encountered in the game and one of the most pesky ones too. Burrowers can be called distant cousins of the Watchers, distinct just enough to have their own identity but sharing the same long neck supporting a projectile shooting eye. A burrower can, as the name suggests, burrow underground upon detection and surprise the player by popping out from beneath them or do the same and retreat to safety. Alternatively, they can also initiate fights by entering the player’s area at a whim if alerted by their allies.


A terrifying machine inspired by the phenology of a cobra snake. The Slitherfang is one of the bosses that pop up relatively early on in the game. It’s pretty much a big reptile that spews poison from its mouth and zaps you with electric bolts from its tail. For some extra spice, it also has sharp fangs to bare as it lunges at the player from a considerable distance. After the initial confrontation, these guys are quite rare to spot slithering in the wild but if you do happen to stumble upon them, you’d definitely want to be prepared.


A colossal being that closely resembles what the Pokémon Lapras would look like if it underwent a mechanical transformation. Armed with weaponized fins that can give a brutal beating and a rotating Frisbee-like device on its back that can spew icy water, the Tideripper is truly an intimidating beast. It utilizes the sedimentation around it (considering it only inhabits beach shores and shallow waters) to mold resources and power its mammoth body.


One of the sneakiest and most irritating machines we’ve come across. The Stalker is a slick, mean machine that takes full advantage of a unique cloaking device to go invisible when it detects prey. Prey, in this case, our titular hero Aloy. Once cloaked and in range, it then shoots electrical bolts at the player or, as a special move, even pounces at the player like a mechanized tiger.


Ever watched the movie, Tremors? Giant worms that pop out of the ground after making tremors around that specific zone? A Rockbreaker’s entire theme is similar to this in the sense that it can burrow underground and explode from down under right next to the player, catching them in their whale flip if the player isn’t swift enough to dodge the attack.

Rockbreakers have eyes on their face and the rest is elaborate sheathes of razor blades designed to instill fear in the hearts of players. Thankfully, these machines are a rare encounter in the wild but in the instance that they have to be fought, make sure to stay nimble on your feet.


A large, black, spiky bat would be the best summarization for a Dreadwing’s phenology. This machine looks just as scary as it is deadly. By making use of a large wingspan and a fiery breath, the Dreadwing can conjure up fires and then spread them across a large area by flapping at them with its wings. Physics and terror, hand in hand.


That’s all we have for our insights into some of the best machines in Horizon Forbidden West. Don’t forget to check them out online if you want to catch them in action in video clips or maybe go ahead and snag yourself a copy of HFW if we’ve piqued your interest. The dystopian expanse awaits!