London Gates Review

How to look for a great trading platform? It’s a question I have struggled with a lot in the past, but it is all worth it when you find a perfect and suitable platform. It took me several months to pick a forex trading platform that suited my trading needs. In the process of finding a platform, I got to learn what one should expect from a platform and should be deciding criteria.

After a couple of months, I landed on the London-Gates forex trading platform, which was recommended to me by a friend. Of course, before becoming a member I wanted to know some details about the platform, and I realized that not much data is available on it.

So, this is my attempt to provide anyone who is looking for a forex trading platform a review they can follow to know more about London-Gates. This will hopefully help someone come to a conclusion with regards to this platform. When I initially went through the front page of the website, I was impressed to see the light colors and how inviting the platform was designed for the visitors.

Then I notice that almost everything is accessible on the front of the page. I have previously come across many platforms where it is very easy to get lost and it’s more of a pain to get back to where you wanted to go originally. So, I found out that it is important that the broker platform is easy to navigate and operate.

I went through what you all will see on the main page and to me it looks very legitimate, so I decided to go through some of their services and then choose if I want to open an account with London-Gates or not. I will go through all the things that I experienced with the platform and what exactly made me want to become their client. This review will incorporate London-Gates’ customer service, Account types, representatives, deposit and withdrawal, assets, and the eBooks which helped me learn more about the trading world.

Education Center

I want to start with the education center first because as a new trader this segment can be very enticing, and I was most definitely in need of some material on trading when I started looking for a forex trading platform. So, when I found out that this platform offers all the educational content for free, I was elated. I went through all their eBooks and checked out the Glossary, and the FAQ section prior to making an account. Now, London-Gates does have a variety of eBooks (around 12 eBooks) but I felt that once I read all the material I wanted to access more than what was presented.

Although there are webinars that the platform hosts but having free access to books is vital. Maybe London-Gates can replace or add more books from time to time so that readers have new information and knowledge to gain. Just like that FAQ section could also be refreshed every now and then. When I did join the platform and went through their asset index, I was impressed that they have arranged all the tradable assets in complete order.

I found myself checking out the asset index more than once. Obviously, we all know that as a new trader you sometimes forget things with all the information you are trying to absorb so this asset index sort of helped me keep track of what the platform is offering (more than 200 tradable assets) and the trading hour along with the expiry rule. Other than that Glossary was absolutely important for me.

Sometimes while talking to my senior account manager, Tony Romano, I would get confused when he would say a certain term related to trading, and I wouldn’t know the meaning of it at those particular times I would instantly access the glossary and find the terms that I am looking for. It is so very important to have a complete glossary that includes all the trading lingo for the beginner level traders. The glossary helped me be more confident while talking to my account manager and also if I ever needed help via contact services, I was able to understand and converse in proper terminology.

Account Type

When I was making an account, I was asked to select an account type. Mind you, there are around 5 account types available. What I understood while rummaging through the details of those accounts is that they all offer different features that are supposed to accommodate the expertise level of each kind of trader. Since I knew a little bit about trading, so I decided to go with the ‘Persona’ account type. It basically has a deposit of $50,000 minimum balance and features like Flexible leverage up to 1:300, Spreads from 0.5 pip, Tier-2 trade room analysis, Weekly webinars, and Lever-2 prioritized withdrawal process.

What captured my attention in the mentioned features was the access to weekly webinars and the prioritized withdrawal process. Since I don’t have time every day to join webinars so weekly seemed like a good deal. And I did attend a lot of the webinars in my initial months. They were very helpful. The representative who hosted the webinar gave amazing strategies and told me how to use all the advanced tools available on the platform. I also got to discuss economic developments and I was basically all of a sudden up to date with all the events that impact trading. This way I was better able to gauge my own trading techniques.

There other account types as well like Self-Managed ($250 Minimum Balance), Select ($10,000 Minimum Balance), Personal ($50,000 Minimum Balance), Honors ($250,000 Minimum Balance), and lastly Wealth Management (invite only). You can see the features when you visit the site. Getting an advanced account type helped because I also got a dedicated senior account manager who helps me take care of trading decisions.

Withdrawal and Deposit

Most people say that they usually face problems and delays with their withdrawal and deposit processes. I knew of this issue before I joined the platform and so I wanted to check that feature as well. Of course, with an advanced account, you can process your withdrawal pretty quickly.

When I first attempted a withdrawal, I found the assistance to be very helpful and the process was finished without a hitch. As I tested the waters with knowing the withdrawal process didn’t include any delays, only then was I able to breathe easily and upgrade my account to a higher one. Now my withdrawal is instantaneous.

Customer Service

My experience with customer service was mostly satisfactory. What I like most about the service is that you can have access to them 24/7. All the representatives of the customer service are also brokers themselves and have immense knowledge about trading. I mostly hesitate to discuss an issue if I have to talk on the phone, so I appreciated that the platform also offered Live chat, email, and form as well. My preference is obviously the live chat because you get instant replies on spot. At some hours the live chat response can take a couple of minutes, but I was always able to get in contact with someone who was able to help me out.

Since I was a new member, they also helped me while registering with the platform. The representative assisted me in choosing an account type that suited me the best. I have been a member of this firm for barely three years now. It plays a great factor that this broker has figured out how to build my profit values. A great deal of this platform’s features has persuaded me to stay by it.

I realize I am not by any means the only one whose amazing resume stands tall. This agent is really client-oriented. I don’t think there is a solitary question of mine that they have not been able to answer. They ensure that all of their clients are happy with their administrations. They are continually acquiring new arrangements. Throughout my trading process, I felt like I was gaining more solid ground with them.

Last Comments

It is important to be able to grow with a platform. Since I joined this platform, from the day till now I can surely say that I have learned a lot about trading from this platform alone.  Their chart helped me analyze my trades very well. All the advanced tools were beyond my expectations. With the tools, I think even the traders with the least knowledge will be able to assess their trades. However, I would suggest getting a platform’s account supervisor, which personally helped me get on some speed while trading. My supervisor made sure that with each trade I was able to receive more profit.

Lastly, the sole purpose of writing this review is to let you know about the platform from a personal point of view, to get you acquainted with London-Gates. This you will have some insight as to what this platform has to bring to the table and if it actually accommodates your preferred requirements.