WaltonChase Review

How do know which trading platform is best suited for you? This is a question I have struggled to answer for myself in the past. But not anymore. It took me a whole lot of time to navigate my way through the busy market to land on a trading platform that was best suited to fulfill my trading requirements. The reason was not the unavailability of good trading platforms but the prevalence of too many options. How do you know which one has more credibility than the other?

In my process of searching through various trading platforms, I was able to re-assess my requirements. You never know what you are looking for until you find it they say. I realized that I did not know half of the advanced tools introduced in the new-age online trading platforms. I wanted to learn more about them before making a choice. This is where reviews on these forex trading platforms really helped me through.

I soon realized that most traders depended on these reviews to get a brief overview of these trading platforms. While I did find useful ones, I was a bit weary of the biased reviews. I wanted to know everything about the platform, the good and the bad.

This is why when I landed on a trading platform that I found credible, I chose to review it. I wanted to give a brief account regarding its service features so that potential clients can make the most of it. It can be hard to get information regarding certain predominant features of the trading platform. It is always better to go through first-hand experiences.

I have been associated with WaltonChase for three years now. I wanted to share my experience with the platform with others looking for one. It is imperative to understand that most traders are looking for a trading platform that has ensured reliability. This is because of the increasing number of spam servers in the last few years. These servers can rob you of both your money and time. This is why it is better to gather valuable information regarding a trading platform before choosing to opt for it.

Enticing Main Page

When I first accessed the web-based server of the trading platform, I was met with a very interactive main page. There were integrated graphics and instructive pop-ups in place. I found that really help to make my way through. The dynamic features might be a little overwhelming for beginner level traders as they might not be accustomed to some advanced tools.

I like the fact that the platform has introduced instructive tools to help you guide your way through the various elements on the main page. I don’t think most of them were that necessary for the outlook is pretty straightforward in itself. But they have taken into consideration that traders of different types might be fully equipped with the awareness regarding certain tools.

The integrated graphics are lined with a dark backdrop. Even though I was impressed with the interactive elements, I still would have preferred if they had used light tones in the design outlook. I was relieved to find everything easily accessible from the main page itself.

Usually, you are required to explore the entire server to find what you were looking for.In my previous experience, I have often found myself lost navigating my way through a platform. It can become difficult to find your way back to the main page. On WaltonChase’s server, you can easily click on the logo and you will be directed back to the main page.

Customizable features

The fact that this trading platform has been designed to accommodate every type of trader. Whether you are a beginner level trader or an expert, you will certainly find this platform helpful for your trading experience. You can custom set the features to suit your needs. The most predominant tool of any trading platform is the chart.

Traders rely on the chart to make quick comprehensive decisions regarding trade. I found that WaltonChase had accommodated the bar stock report on their main page. Not only that, they make sure that traders are up-to-date with the current data. They ensure that the clients are able to make the most of every resource they have.

The chart has customizable features. You can set the data filter according to your requirement. You have the option to set the asset alternative choices from Commodities, Crypto, Indices, Forex, and Currency. Not only that you can select the type of asset display on the chart from Trending, Daily % to Name. I was able to make the most of these custom features. It definitely helped make quicker trade choices.

Education Center

I really wanted to assess the education center of this platform. I find the resources available in this section of trading platforms really helpful. While they did help me as a new trader, I still find myself going back to brush up on a few skills. I like that this forex trading platform had categorized its information resources. You get a varying range of choices. From eBooks to the glossary, each section has been stacked with information.

You will find that there are 12 eBooks available in this section. After having gone through all of them, I found myself looking for more. I would have preferred if the platform were to introduce new books in this section. They can work their way around an upgrade process where they replace old ones with new ones. This will allow traders to make the most of the section.

Other than the eBooks, I was also able to obtain a whole lot of information from the webinars. Access to these webinars is limited with respect to the account type of clients. You can always upgrade to get unlimited access to this service hosted by the trading platform. I know these webinars really helps me develop my trading skills. I was able to reassess my strategies and make better decisions.

Once you make your way through these sections, you will two more. These include the FAQ section and the asset index line-up. Personally, the FAQ section was one I found the most interesting. It enlisted all of the major queries faced by traders using the platform.

I was able to grasp a whole lot of information from first-hand experiences of fellow clients operating in the same trade circuit. However, similar to the other sections, I found that they did not refresh the list of FAQs with time. It can get pretty redundant once you have gone through all of the information.

The asset index is something you will find yourself going back to time and again. I found that its layout was very easy to assess. Every asset was listed in alphabetic order. Certain details are available within the list. You can get information on the trade hours and the expiry rule.

Account Packages

The reason I am referring to the account types as account packages is that each account type is lined with a series of distinctive features. You can base your selection of account with respect to your trade requirements. In the beginning, when I was trying out the platform for the first time I decided to opt for the Silver account. Most trading platforms have an option for a trial package which was absent on this platform. However, I found the Silver account to be just as worthy of a trial package. It offers you significant leverages up to 300. The lucrative spreads are standard and you also get a senior account manager.

The fact that the Silver account itself offers such distinctive features, you will also be able to assess the features of other higher-level accounts. Each one stands out with respect to its characteristics. The Silver account requires a minimum deposit of 10k. While many traders may choose to opt for this account type in the long run, I had to upgrade.

One of the main reasons I upgraded was due to the weekly webinars and the prioritized withdrawal processes. I wanted more liberal access to these webinars. Not only that, the withdrawal speed greatly increased after the upgrade. This is was due to the fact that each account was set at a certain priority level. You need to upgrade for exclusive privileges while trading.

Customer Service

My experience with customer care service on this platform was always satisfactory. I did not find any issue with the representatives. They were always available to answer my queries and solve the problems I faced. Since I was a new member, they made sure to guide me through the registration process. I found the process to be a little daunting in the beginning. This was mostly due to the excessive security protocols that they had put in place.

I appreciated that the platform had a number of ways to communicate with their clients. I could contact them through phone, live chat, and email. Each session was very informative and engaging. The service operators are available 24/7. Overall, I found the live chat method to be the most effective. Not only was it the most efficient, but it also required a lesser wait time for patching through to operators. You only have to wait a couple of minutes after registering your complaint or query. Once you register, you will be dealt with shortly.

Last Comments

The reason that I have stuck around with this platform is the fact that it has helped me grow exponentially as a trader. I have been able to make great progress in my business using this platform. Also, I feel like traders of all types will be able to get something from this broker. I hope that my review helps them assess their accounts and make a solid decision accordingly.