As a new broker, you’d anticipate 365TradingFX to put forth many imperfections. Be that as it may, I have had considerable experience dealing with the representative and this broker handles itself like a setup firm, with a smoothed-out site and a bunch of trading conditions. The design is the thing that you’d generally expect from current online brokers with the moderation that presents an expert vibe. The landing page achieves its task of going about as a brisk introduction, and there isn’t any messiness.

Honestly, for me, looks and visual design are optional concerns while picking an online trading platform. In any case, it’s commendable that the agent ensured that I could investigate it without encountering any disappointment. That prompts my next point, in that 365TradingFX presents data about itself especially well. That is significant since it allows likely clients (new traders) to perceive what they’re pursuing and settle on an educated choice. It additionally shows that the agent is not kidding about its administration and isn’t attempting to lure clients.


The initial introduction 365TradingFX leaves is very positive, particularly for new traders. When I joined the site, it was because I was so impressed with how they managed the site and its services. I felt a little overwhelmed by the innovation of this platform but soon I got the hang of it. Some people even see the site of some brokers and get scared as I’ll talk about it sometime later, that is not the situation with 365TradingFX. For now, I’d prefer to introduce a portion of their reliable characteristics concerning the organization:

Trading Platform

The trading platform is another region wherein the broker settled on an incredible decision, choosing fast execution of the platform. As you’re likely mindful, the fast execution of orders is the most favored feature for online brokers. It’s no big surprise the broker kept up its top service for such a long time, as it remains moderately basic while giving unmatched insightful capacities. Thus, it fits both complete new traders and industry veterans. Furthermore, I did face some problems with the platform to slow down a bit at certain hours. I believe that it could have been due to the heavy traffic but overall, the platform seemed pretty fast and smooth.

Quick Start

Online intermediaries have been getting increasingly more severe with KYC verifications and registration measures over the long haul. One thing observed that the platform was very strict about was a direct result of the inexorably unbending guidelines they face as trading moves towards the mainstream. Notwithstanding, the verifications are always important, I know they’re irritating on the client’s end. Thus, I think of it as a critical advantage that 365TradingFX’s data exchange measure is brisk and easy. What’s more, their site allowed me rapidly to know every policy they offered, further quickening the pre-trading measure.

Low Spreads, High Leverage

As a CFD-centered broker, 365TradingFX will without a doubt lure in a particular user base from different specialists. Since day trading strategies that frequently utilize leverage are basic with CFD dealers, the broker’s high rates are significantly more important than I expected. Something comparative could be said about their low spreads, low spreads are viewed as more valuable, I was sure to get my money’s worth.


Education Features

I believe CFDs to be the ideal spot to begin for more new brokers, as the trading process is fairly simple. Other than more experienced CFD traders, the representative makes certain to draw in a significant number of new traders with their innovative services and simple to understand interface. That’s why the intermediary coordinated an education center. The broker furnishes new traders with decent material they can learn from, I still think that 365TradingFX needs to really work on this section of the platform.

I feel that they could add in more eBooks for more advanced traders and they also don’t have free video lectures for the traders. However, those things were compensated when I became a member of the platform. Depending on the account type you choose, for example, I chose a higher account type that offered me extra education material that included weekly webinars, private sessions with my account manager, and more options to learn about the forex trading platform.

Easy to Use Web Layout

365TradingFX site is excessively easy for new traders to get accustomed to. This proved to be useful to me when I was searching for any data about the intermediary. Their menu accounts for everything, without opening any dropdowns. The site is accessible in only one dialect, i.e., English. I was disappointed to see 365TradingFX didn’t incorporate other languages societies for their client base.

The Client Support

The client support at 365TradingFX has also needed some work in my opinion. They assist in dialect, again I think they can introduce more dialects in their platforms. I was able to connect with the client service through phone, email, or live chat. They are accessible around the clock during trading days. Their live talk springs up on the landing page and also on the rest of the pages as it is integrated everywhere.

I found the email service to be sometimes time-taking as they respond few short hours. The phone service put me on hold for some time. The Live Chat service was instant and surprisingly actual brokers are sitting on the other end to chat with you. So, the solutions were always personalized to deal with my direct issue.  Below I have mentioned the contact hours and service for your ease.


Customer Support Operating Hours

Phone Support HoursMonday to Friday 04:30 – 13:00 GMT
Live Chat Support HoursMonday to Friday 04:30 – 13:00 GMT
Compliance Emailsupport@365tradingfx.com
Phone Call
  • Australia +61261886528
  • The United Kingdom +441706577418
  • Canada +15197142793

The Payment Alternatives

The payment methods are comprehensive to numerous nations and 365TradingFX continues to refresh its choices. They offer:

  • Maestro
  • Mastercard
  • Bank Wire

They don’t offer PayPal or Bitcoin as an option, so I didn’t like that factor. Overall, I think almost everything will have a chance to pick any of the mentioned payment methods. 365TradingFX doesn’t add any extra charges.

Trading Conditions

As I expressed on numerous occasions through my 365TradingFX review, the firm has practical experience in CFD trading. In that, it’s very proficient, with high leverage and tight spreads to back it up. That implies the agent gives traders all they require to be effective in online trading. The account arrangement likewise lends to that, permitting dealers to customize the service they get. 365TradingFX doesn’t charge fees or commissions, which means you get the full estimation of each dime you deposit your account with.

Trading Elements

At 365TradingFX, you have an alternative to exchange Forex, Indices, Commodities, Stocks, and even Crypto. They give point-by-point data with respect to the entirety of the monetary components on their site. Their forex tab examines the upsides of trading forex and in complete detail, they list the monetary forms they offer. 365TradingFX just discloses that they offer a lot of currency sets, which likely incorporate major, minor and exotic sets.

The equivalent applies to CFD Indices. 365TradingFX clarifies what CFDs are and what benefits accompany trading CFDs. I don’t think that they offer as much diversity in Indices. The Commodities are accounted for on the site: gold, silver, and oil. They offer spot gold and spot silver. They are examined on the site, yet the choices are very restricted.


Overall, I am happy with the components offered at 365TradingFX. This is basically since the monetary instruments are unveiled, and brokers can undoubtedly discover what they are searching for. The alternatives of commodities are restricted in contrast with different brokers. The measure of offered monetary forms is very acceptable.

365TradingFX Review Conclusion — Very Well-Regulated Broker

Toward the finish of this 365TradingFX review, I want to express that; I am very satisfied with the broker. They have high security and guidelines, because of which I believe 365TradingFX to be a dependable specialist. I believe the security of assets to be perhaps the main angles in trading and 365TradingFX appears to give a higher measure of security conceivable.

They give a decent number of alternatives for account types. Regardless of whether you wish to build up your abilities on its essential accounts or just want to exchange expertly, you get great advantages. It is incredible to see representatives reward their clients consistently. Faithful clients get numerous advantages which give you tradable points.

Overall, I am content with 365TradingFX. I think they may merit your time, particularly if you need to build up your portfolio completely. They give great tools to dealers.


This review is written from my own experience and my self-knowledge only and this is not a recommendation. I cannot be responsible for any inconvenience that might occur trading/trading with this company.