How to Protect Your Website

Who said that only our social media accounts and email accounts are at the risk of getting hacked? Many businesses fail to understand that a website may also not be secure. Therefore, they have to take steps to protect their websites.

I am lucky that subscribing to Wowway deals also gave me access to a secure Internet connection. You should also employ the following tips to have a secure website:

Using a Secure Password

I cannot stress enough on this point. While common sense to many, some people still resort to passwords like ‘password’. Yes, you read that right. People want to assign easy passwords to their websites without realizing the threat that this brings. For you to secure your website, you need to use a complex password that includes numbers and symbols other than alphabets.

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If you think that you are incapable of coming up with a unique and strong password, you can take help from password management apps. These apps suggest complex passwords to you and save them for future login in case you forget the password. However, you cannot download these apps for free. You will have to pay a subscription fee.

Update Softwares Regularly

You must keep your software updated. This is regardless of the platform that you plan to or already are hosting your site on. You should check for any updates for the software on your operating system regularly. Laziness in this regard can cost you your information and data. Hence, causing inconvenience.

According to experts, the updates include all the fixes to security lapses that were present in the previous versions of the software. And if you do not update your software, you will be at a greater risk of getting attacked by hackers. Because it is not tough for hackers to hunt for vulnerable websites. Therefore, to avoid falling prey to the hackers, keep an eye on all the updates.

Web-application Firewall

You can choose from a huge list of firewalls to protect your site. Some of the firewalls are hardware-based while others are meant for software. The job of a firewall is to analyze all the traffic on your website and hunt for hackers. Thus, eliminating any hacking attempts, if there may be any. These days, people are employing the use of cloud-based firewalls.

Apart from that, you should also take help from chatbots when you have to transfer the data. Or something similar to that. It is always the best idea to consult a cyber-security official to help you increase the security of your site. Because you cannot afford to lose sensitive data.

Installation of SSL

If you ever notice a green icon on the right corner of the URL field of a website, know that the website is SSL encrypted. The advantage of SSL protocol is that those websites can protect user information. This means that you as a user can feel secure about browsing through that website. As none of your information will be leaked. Moreover, the business owners should also not worry about hackers accessing information regarding their website’s traffic or any other thing. SSL can be of many types and is available at discounted prices.  A few examples are single domain, low cost or cheap wildcard SSL, multi-domain, etc. You should find SSL from reputed CAs.

Apart from protecting your website from hackers, installing SSL will also give your site an SEO boost. Because Google always ranks secure websites higher than others. Moreover, you will also get more customers as they will feel secure browsing and purchasing through your website.

Regular Back Up

At times, every precaution is taken and every tip applied fails to protect you against hackers. Under such circumstances, only regular back up can be of use. It is upon your discretion to set the frequency of backups to as many times as you wish. But remember more frequent the backups, better would it be for you. However, do not rely on a single backup option. Use many options so that you have your data stored in a couple of places.

In addition to this, do not rely on on-site backups completely. You should have both on-site and off-site backups. And it is not just attacks that these backups can protect you against. You will also find the backups helpful in case of a malfunction or natural disaster.

Because your website is your virtual office, you need to protect it from attacks and hackers. Hence, the above-mentioned tips. As mentioned above, for me WOW! The Internet has always been a choice. Apart from the security features, WOW Internet speeds and prices are also competitive. Not to forget the amazing customer service that the company offers.

Infographic created by MXOtech