The Real Negative Effects of Technology

We are living in a high-tech world and if we don’t keep checking ourselves frequently, the impact of technology on our physical, mental, social as well as environmental health would be overwhelming. It is hard to deny all the benefits we have gained from technological improvements, but having all those advanced technology-enriched things in our lives moderation is a key. Being aware of the detrimental factors of using electronic products more will help you avoid unnecessary dangers. Here we have compiled a list of Negative Effects of Technology you can have.

Absence of Empathy

Technology has changed our lives entirely especially when it comes to tolerating forceful scenes on games, movies, TV, and YouTube causes people to become sedated to the devastation of any kind. The culture of self-love and standardizing of bad things happening around created by social media gives birth to those people who lack empathy. And when no one cares, the world then goes to hell in a hand-basket, frankly speaking.


Technology such as Facebook, WhatsApp, and Twitter gathered people on a single platform, without a shadow of a doubt, but it also creates an excellent recipe for depression – not only depression but also a lack of exercise. Well, there’s a reason to use antidepressants but the blame cannot only put on medical/pharmaceutical companies. These companies aren’t carting people to visit a doctor and forced them to have the pills. The depression isn’t really a big problem, so many can cure it by living simply healthy lifestyle.

Bad Sleeping Habits

A bunch of bad Effects of Technology can be linked to sleep habits. Nowadays, everyone gets sucked into online activities which keep them active late night and hence the continuous stream of info stops turning off our brains. Moreover, ambient light from gadgets’ screens affects the release of melatonin (it’s a kind of sleep chemical). You better keep technology out of your room so that you can sleep better and live better.

Lack of Privacy

Dramatically, Technology has changed our lives where Internet has stripped a world of privacy. The time has gone when we didn’t have smartphones and stayed offline all the time to keep our all information private from anyone. After typing quite a few buttons on the keyboard, anyone can find anyone’s address as well as contact information. People with threatening minds, use of phishing viruses and find out any information with ease. On the other hand, people don’t have a sense of privacy online. Before making every move, they don’t think twice and about their consequences. They give their brief stories on Facebook and give out their home location on Google Maps.

The absence of Social Bonds

Another negative Effect of Technology is a lack of social bonds. Creating a longer bond requires conversion between people face-to-face. It’s safe to say that the more we isolate with the latest technology, the lesser bonds we will form. Most of the people love working from their home which ultimately takes their precious time away they would be spending with their nearest and dearest. Furthermore, young people always prefer interacting with people online rather than face-to-face. There is indeed a problem if more than one person is sitting in a room and interacting via instant messaging instead of speaking to each other. Doesn’t it sound strange?


It’s almost fine to depend on the latest technology but people are addicted to. It leaves bad effects of technology on society whether you accept or deny. Numerous studies show that when your smartphones are felt fathom vibration or taken away subjects, checking phones over and over again makes you become twitchy and restless. For instance, a person who uses WhatsApp more than 5 hours a day will check its phone after every minute to see the notification, video or message even if there is nothing. In short, you can expect the symptoms of addiction to technology from doing drugs.

The Bottom Line

There are plenteous other Effects of Technology but let us finish this off by saying. If you use to converse with Siri more as compared to talking with real people, this is the time to put your phone down immediately. You will have to force yourself to have a weekend which is free from any electronic. Don’t take your phone along with you and go on vacation. Creating even a little balance between electronic products. And real people will definitely help you enjoy the real benefits of technology.