SEO Problems with Websites

SEO is a powerful tool that can change how your company is perceived: and how high it’s ranked.  Unfortunately, many companies who are new to SEO don’t understand it and don’t know how much it’s changed in the last 20 years. This can lead to them attempting SEO in ways that could kill their company’s chance of ever getting to the first page of search results.

These are the top three SEO problems many websites face and how they can fix them.

Why SEO Matters

SEO is important because it’s the top way to get your company in front of new people.  When someone searches for something on a search engine like Google, they often don’t go past the first page: and many don’t scroll lower than the first three results.  Working on your business’s SEO ensures that your company gets to the first page of searches that have to do with it- and that customers find you first.

1- Link and Keyword Spam

Links and keywords are the first things anyone new to SEO will learn about.  These two things decide how highly a search engine will list your business and what topics it’ll show up in the results.

Many people think that the best way to grow their company’s ranking is to get as many keywords into their website as possible and post their links anywhere as often as they can: but this can kill your ranking.  Search engines read this as spam and will link your business lower.

2- Poor Landing Page Choices

Your landing page matters.  Your customers shouldn’t click a link and immediately be led to checking out without clicking any items.  Instead, it should lead to a page that’s of value to them while having the option to lead them to purchase if they decide to.

3- Poor Choice of Host

Where you post your keywords and links matters.  If you’re guest blogging to try and grow your numbers: it’s vital that the blog and its customer base would be interested in what you have for sale.

If you sell farming supplies, you don’t want your company’s SEO articles listed on a blog that’s about fashion in major cities.

What You Can Do to Fix This

If you’re worried your company’s SEO has been failing, it’s important to stop and start fresh.  Consider where you’re hosting your links, how often you’re hosting them, and what keywords are being used.  If you’re guilty of keyword or link spamming, take the time to remove those pages or blogs that have that, and start from scratch.

Although it can take time to rebuild trust in search engines, if you do it correctly, you can fix almost any mistake.  Consider working with an SEO consulting agency if you’re in dire need since these professionals know how to fix any SEO Problems.

SEO is a Powerful Tool

SEO is the tool that will decide whether your company sinks or swims.  Instead of allowing your business to flop: it’s time to take a second look at how you do SEO!