Each day the amount of trading platforms is soaring as the accessibility is to start trading is just a click away. Everybody is now looking for their preferred platform, so they get on the bandwagon. But the process of settling on a trading platform isn’t at all easy.

For beginners, they have to know what they want from a trading platform, and experienced traders look for security and good technological tools. Most people rely on reviews just like me. I really was confused when I started looking for a trading platform but thanks to a friend’s recommendation of the TopMarketCap trading platform that I have been able to trade with ease.

TopMarketCap is a standout amongst other forex trading platforms for new brokers. TopMarketCap’s site is less vigorous than some bigger contenders, however that likewise makes it simple to explore and comprehend in the event that you don’t have as much involvement with the trading world.

TopMarketCap offers various accounts, 4 different account types, and more tools and chart arrangements for your trade analysis. There are just too many great features on this platform to talk about. So, I decided to give a full review for people like me who want to know what they are getting into before committing to a platform.

When I started using TopMarketCap I was instantly able to connect with the platform because of how included they make you feel. I understand that traders are different and look for different sets of features according to their experience but keeping that in mind I find that TopMarketCap is the kind of platform which operates to include all kinds of traders.

It is really admirable that a platform would go out of its way to make the clients their priority. So, I am going to go through all the important features regarding this platform so that you can have an idea as to what TopMarketCap offers and by the end of this review you’ll be confident enough to make a decision for yourself.

Trading Platform

Below are just some perks that you will be getting if you choose TopMarketCap:


Online trading platforms can be mind-boggling. Every So Often you’ll have to react rapidly to quick changes in the market. So, TopMarketCap offers a user-friendly platform that allows you to make quick, precise, bother free trades.

Admittance to education content and analytical tools:

This trading platform for your necessities will give you real-time market updates. Others give dynamic or deferred market updates. Furthermore, this platform will give you research and broker analysis on individual stocks. This data can be useful to settle on choices about which shares to purchase.

Trading options:

There are so many alternatives that are accessible for you to purchase shares or sell them. You will be able to purchase or sell shares at a set cost and there is an option to stop-loss orders. This will help lessen your danger.


Obviously, security is the main priority of this. The best trading platform will ensure your assets are protected.


To begin with, I want to say that you should at least once go over to the website and just explore a little. TopMarketCap offers some broad categories of service like the variety of account types (4 to be exact). The variety of these account types shows that the platform is trying to include all types of traders that have little to the expert level experience. Each account type thus offers distinct features and services.

With that for beginners especially the platform offers educational content for the new trader to learn a little more about the trading world. This is great for even some traders who want to brush up their knowledge and learn some new techniques and strategies. So, you will get eBooks, Glossary, Asset Index and even the FAQ section to get started with the platform.

The security policies that matter the most are given top priority. The security policies include Anti-Money Laundering, Privacy policy, Withdrawal, Refund, And Cancellation Policy, and the Risk Disclosure Statement. These many security protocols show how serious TopMarketCap is about the safety of the clients.

The next best thing is that the platform has some great and educated representatives that act as contact service administrators and some as account managers. Without these brokers, itself would feel very robotic and these brokers just make the platform be more personal towards the clients.

The chart on this platform for trade analysis is pretty advanced. It makes me giddy every time I use all the new tools on the trading platform to use for the analysis of my trades. If you get acquainted with tools properly then you won’t even need an account manager to help with the trades, you want to make.

Also, these tools if used accurately =y are a sure way to make some great profits. There are just so many options to customize the trading platform. You have many options to change the indicator, the chart type and that is just the tip of the iceberg. You will really need to check the chart out yourself to see what I am talking about.

Live Chat And Other Contact Services

A good platform makes sure that its contact service is top-notch. They should want to make sure that each client is able to reach the representative at any time they want. For that, it is equally if not more important to have educated and trained representatives. To reach the platform they have provided options such as live chat which is open 24/7, email, and telephone service.

The telephone service is mainly for Australia, the United Kingdom, and Austria. They have given the respected phone numbers also, but the phone line service is available for the following hours Monday to Friday 09:00-13:00 GMT. I would say that it is a pretty active contact service administration, but it could definitely use some more phone lines to include other countries.


If all else does not entice you to reach the contact representative, then you can also submit a question, and the platform though it takes them time, they answer the best solution for your concern. To submit a question, you have to provide your first and last name.

choose the customer support service you are trying to reach, it includes Customer Support Service, Trading Platform Assistance, General Feedback, and lastly a Complaint. Then you give them your email and type in your message. TopMarketCap has made it very simple and easy for you to have all the options to reach them without any hesitation.

Account Types

The account types are something I ravish on because I feel like they are so important for traders with different experience levels. This platform in particular offers 4 distinct account types that hold different sorts of features. The account types are Silver, Gold, Platinum, and VIP. VIP obviously is the account type which you access upon an invitation, while the rest of the account types are for traders with Beginner level experience that would prefer Silver account types.


The trader who wants to get in some more experience and have the basics of trading covered would prefer Gold while a trader with good knowledge would go for Platinum. It is pretty clear that TopMarketCap wants to indulge all types of traders. I use the Platinum account type;

I started my trading experience with the platform with the Silver account type just because I wanted to test the water before I dove in. Also, I quickly learned that this platform is reliable and accommodates all the requirements, so it didn’t take me long before I got upgraded to the Platinum account type.

Education Content

TopMarketCap is pretty basic with its educational content. Nonetheless, the material they provide is for everybody to make use of. So, I appreciate that TopMarketCap wasn’t one of those selfish platforms where they don’t have the educational material available to the client who is just looking for some material online. This way TopMarketCap is helping people who may not want to even become a member of the platform.

Obviously, even though the educational content isn’t as extensive as I would have liked, they provide some basic eBooks that cover the base for the beginner level brokers. The material is definitely good for traders with little knowledge of the trading world. The eBooks, Glossary, FAQ, and then most importantly the Asset Index which many new traders prefer to get to know all the assets the platform is offering.

Final Thoughts

With many years of experience under its belt, TopMarketCap is a market leader and innovator. The TopMarketCap platform is top-notch. Even casual investors will be happy with the platform, thanks to its focus on simplicity and ease of use. Besides educational content, which is already improving, research is the only remaining category where TopMarketCap has an opportunity to deliver more, compared to peers.

The bottom line: Regardless of the asset class, TopMarketCap offers a winning solution for traders across all skill levels.